• 7 November 1811 g. - formed from the 2nd Battalion of the Life Guards Regiment as the Life Guards regiment of Lithuanian, under this name took part in World War II 1812 of the year, receiving baptism at Borodino (in a square on the Semenov heights, under intense artillery fire repulsing the French heavy cavalry regiment lost more than half of the personnel, regimental commander - Colonel Udom, Ivan Fedorovich - wounded). The chief of the regiment - Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich.
  • 1813-1814 years. - I participated in the battles of Lutzen, Bautzen, below Dresden, Kulm, Leipzig and Paris.
  • 12 October 1817 g. - renamed the Life Guards Moskovsky Regiment, on the basis of its third battalion in Warsaw formed a new Life Guard Lithuanian Regiment.
  • 14 December 1825 g. — 800 the soldiers of the regiment participated in the uprising of the Decembrists.
  • 1827 g. - war with Persia.
  • 1828-1829 years. - the war with Turkey.
  • 1830-1831 years. - the suppression of the Polish uprising.
  • 1863 g. - the suppression of the Polish uprising.
  • 1877-78 years. - the war with Turkey.
  • 1914-1918 years. - World War I. The regiment suffered heavy losses.
  • 1918 g. - Regiment rasformirovan.

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