AT 1739 year at this site by the architect Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli It was built a wooden palace for Count Gustaf Reinhold-Levenvolde, approximate the Empress Anna Ivanovna. Next was the estate its lover H. F. Lopukhina, because Levenvolde and chose this site.

After coming to power of Empress Elizabeth Levenvolde he was exiled, and the palace passed to the Treasury. AT 1743 , she gave the estate to his former favorite A. I. Subin. However Shubin, as a former favorite, I considered to be unsafe for himself in St. Petersburg, because I left the capital. AT 1749 year land passed into the possession of Hetman of Ukraine and President of the Academy of Sciences Kirill Razumovsky.

AT 1760 was a wooden structure due to dilapidation was dismantled.

TO 1766 year work finished F. B. Vallin de la Mothe. The result of the efforts of the two architects was the appearance on the banks of the Moika luxurious palace in the style of early classicism, still retains the features of the Baroque. On the estate area of ​​the garden has survived to this day, separated from the Kazan streets picturesque fence Voronikhin square.

Razumovsky palace was known for his balls and masquerades. State workers are counted 260 human. Count on holidays arranged almsgiving, which here was going to two thousand people.

AT 1781 Razumovsky was sold the palace to the Polish Count. P. Branicki and left St. Petersburg. Branitsky Earl lived here before 1798 of the year, then he left Russia. Razumovsky palace was sold to the Treasury for 450 000 rubles.

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