Laundry Bridge - Bridge in St. Petersburg over the Fontanka River in the place, where it flows out of the Neva. Joins Kutuzov Embankment and Palace Bridge naberezhnuyu.Prachechnym called in connection with the, that far - at the corner of St. Sergius Street and Fontanka - it was the palace laundry.

laundry bridge, along with the Upper Lebyazhy and Hermitage Bridge, It is one of the first stone bridge of St. Petersburg.

The bridge was built simultaneously with the granite embankment of the left bank of the Neva River near the Summer Garden. The general management of the construction of the granite embankments carried architect Yu. M. Felten. Building a bridge, lasted from 1766 by 1769 gg., It was conducted under the direction of architect and. L. Rossi and "kvadratornogo Goldsmiths' (subsequently architect) T. AND. Nasonova.

AT 1908 year survey was conducted Bridge, which revealed considerable strain. The survey results showed divers pile foundation, that its deformation led to the settling of the middle span, Disclosure joints in parapets (because of what they had lost their previous form), cracking the left support river etc.. d.

That same year, the City Technical Commission it was decided to restructure the bridge. AT 1909 , the City Council requested the engineer to the. AT. Efimevu draft a reconstruction of the bridge in two versions - with stone and metal spans. The project consultant made famous bridge builder With. P. Bobrowski. However, the Academy of Arts opposed the kind of change Laundry Bridge. As a result, the Duma was approved another solution, developed by engineers Efimevym, is "... summing up the foundations for the bulls, and the foundations of a settlement of the congresses with him".

This project was carried out only after 16 years - 1926 year. According to the project engineer B. D. Vasilyeva bridge was protected from the Neva and Fontanka jumpers, water is pumped, cut arches support, in their place is brought screed. The work was done in small areas to prevent the continuous rainfall supports.

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