Krestovka river flows from Malaya Neva, It falls into the middle Nevku and flows between Krestovsky and Kamenny Islands. In the 1830s. while laying on Stone Island Grand Canal (now Krestovskiy channel) on the river there was a small island, where in 1963 g. arched pedestrian bridge spanned. FROM 1912 g. on Krestovka there is the famous rowing club.

Length river near 750 m,
Width – about 40 m,
Depth – about 3 m,
The average water consumption of about 10 m3/from.

On the right bank of the river on Stone Island is laid embankment Krestovki River, and on the left bank on Krestovsky – streets and deputy Holguin. Through Krestovka in its origins spanned Little Krestovsky Bridge.

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