Initially, the plot of land on the street between the Garden and the Fontanka river Krivusha in the 30s of the XVIII century it was planned to build a Marine regimental yard. According to the plan of the Commission on the St. Petersburg Construction, there must have been located the barracks and administrative buildings of the Maritime Office. Nevertheless, implement his plan failed.

29 October 1787 year building project has been submitted to the State Duma (author not known), hitherto not preserved. The project was approved by Catherine II. In the years 1788-1789 Nicholas market was built in the northern part of the plot. This place was convenient because of the proximity of two water transport arteries: Catherine and Kryukov canals. First, the market called "Ochakovo", because its construction was completed in one day with the capture of the Turkish fortress Ochakov Russian troops under the leadership of AV. Suvorov. The building was erected at the expense of the merchant society, that is, it was a private. Initially, the housing market consisted of a series of identical sections - shops, each of which has a separate entrance and inside the individual message stores between floors. The first floor was meant for commercial premises, first floor housed offices and warehouses. Integrates all business premises open gallery of the first floor, limited arcade. Similarly facial facades, open gallery there and the perimeter of the yard.

AT 1825 by Nicholas market was damaged by fire, but it was quickly restored. In the 1880s, with the Hay market Nicholas suffered "Obzhorny number". here 12-15 wooden tables under a canopy eat seasonal workers: masons, carpenters, painters, plasterers. Obzhorny number located on the sites along the canal. Boulevard to the beginning of the XX century there was not yet.

After 1917 year in Nikolsky market building will house production and commercial enterprise for the production of enamelware. According to the address-reference book "Leningrad" 1939 of the year, This building housed the production cooperative "Metalist-cooperator", It was a part of the system Lenmetizshirpromsoyuza. In the postwar period - "Metalloposuda".

As of the summer 2007 , the building was badly neglected, and at the next detour district governor of St. Petersburg it was pointed out. Signed by the governor issued a decree, in the renovation of the building began under it

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