Decree on the construction of a television tower for a new television center in Leningrad was issued by the Council of Ministers of the USSR 26 January 1952 of the year. The project of the tower was designed by the institute "UkrNII Proektstalkonstruktsiya", metal made for her at Dniepropetrovsk Steelwork Plant them. AND. AT. Grandma. All construction - all-welded, without bolting. At about 200 m is the so-called "glass" with three floors of office space, which are two high-speed elevators, mounted in the "rod" - a vertical tube on the axis of symmetry of the tower.

Installation of the tower was carried out with 1956 by 1962 year. TV broadcast from the tower began 23 February 1963 of the year. While Leningrad tower was the tallest building in Europe - a few meters higher than the Eiffel. Radius essential for broadcast coverage with it is of the order 100 km. Initially, the tower was tall 301,5 m (elevation upper area excluding mounted thereon a transmitting antenna television), after replacement of the antenna to a more modern, in August 1986 year its height was 310 m(whereas the height of the Eiffel Tower rose to 324 meters after installing it on a new antenna 2000 year). Another operation of the antenna upgrades on Saint Petersburg TV Tower was carried out 17 December 2001 of the year. A 28 June 2011 year, this antenna has been replaced with a new broadband antenna UHF-band, providing air broadcasting TV3 and NTV two analog TV channels 27 and 33 TVK, and a package of digital television RTRN-1 and-2 RTRN (first and second multiplex) on 35 and 45 ТВК DVB-T2. As a result, the height of the tower (taking into account the antenna complex) was 311,5 m. All replacements are done with the help of a helicopter.

Next to the TV tower formerly housed the stadium "TV Tower", which is often used for concerts and festivals (Now this place - area of ​​residential development). At the end 2002 year on the TV tower was installed artistic lighting - Santa's gift for the 300th anniversary of the city. In June 2008 a year to the day of the summit of heads of the CIS member countries and opening 12 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the new architectural and artistic lighting was installed.

10 May 2017 years under construction skyscraper "Lahti center" has surpassed television tower height, reaching a height 327,6 m. The previous record lasted a total of 55 years.

As of the first quarter 2018 year from the television tower LRTPTS carried out air broadcasting 19 analog TV channels, two multiplexes for digital terrestrial television broadcasting in the composition 20 federal channels and 3 radio stations, and 26 FM-radio range.

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