The largest size of Peter Baroque monument comprises twelve identical three storey section. The overall project was Domenico Trezzini; the upper floors designed Theodore Schwertfeger. In the XVIII century the building was occupied by the supreme bodies of state administration. After the dissolution of the boards they were replaced by Chief Pedagogical Institute and St. Petersburg State University.

Construction of Twelve Colleges building began in 1722 year as part of Emperor Peter I plan to build on Vasilyevsky Island district administrative. anticipated, that there will house the Senate, Synod and Collegium. Initially, construction was carried out under the direction of Domenico Trezzini and Theodore Schwertfeger, and ended with Giuseppe Trezzini, Mikhail Zemtsov. The first board meeting was held in the new building 1732 year. The main building was completed by the mid 1730s. In the years 1737-1741 on the west side of the building was added a two-storey gallery. AT 1804 , the Institute of Education is located in a building, and 1835 the building was transferred to the St. Petersburg University.

In the post-Soviet era Twelve Colleges building is considered to be the main building of the St. Petersburg University.

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