Walk "Baltic Open spaces".

Walk along the Neva River with access to the Gulf of Finland route "Baltic expanses"- a journey on a white boat, where you will be able to remember all the best, that was in your life, plunged into the atmosphere of eternal holiday, generated by sea and river walks Petersburg Fleet. Fresh breeze wind Neva, light music, fine men and women around. relaxed atmosphere, vision unique panoramas of landscapes and attractions of St. Petersburg park green zones! And all this in the aura of the water and air! Neva on the surface of the mirrors and the mirrors around you eyes!

Our walk through the Gulf of Finland "Baltic expanses"- it's like stay at the program "all inclusive". Here and vision of the city from different angles and planes, and pleasant music, and comments to guide the main key objects, and the ability to eat and drink at the bar or at the tables of the ship.

Walk on the Gulf of Finland and Neva "Baltic expanses"- this journey, repeating the boat trip along the Neva and the Gulf of Finland "Sea capital". The principal difference is that, that "the expanse of the Baltic" is a walk with music, with the ability to order from the bar snacks and drinks.

"Sea capital" is a already a full tour of St. Petersburg without the possibility of a drink and spend time together and enjoy the solitude.

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