A summary of the Meteora tour to Kronstadt

  • berths departure: Senate marina (The English Embankment. 2) and Palace pier (Palace Embankment. 36)
  • duration of the program: 5 hours
  • Duration of the tour in the Sea Cathedral: 1 hour ascent to the top of the church under the dome.
  • Duration of Kronstadt tour: about 1 o'clock
  • Nutrition: the price includes lunch, which takes place in the refectory of the church
  • schedule: Saturday
  • motor ship: motor ship meteor (hydrofoil).

Description and features of the route to Kronstadt

Kronstadt since inception is a kind of reflection of the sacred nature of Petersburg. Covering the approaches to the new city being built with 1704 of the year, he always repeats it features largely. Today, walking through the quiet streets of the island of Kotlin, all arrived in Kronstadt struck by the enormous number of repetitions of the names of the objects of the northern capital and the capital of the Russian Navy. Here, on a small island space, duplicating the name of the majestic St. Petersburg next to each other will see the Summer Garden. Admiralty, St. Vladimir's Cathedral, Bypass canal, Menshikov Palace, Peter the Great Monument, Marine Nicholas Church, str. Rebellion and more, that can be found in the center of the beautiful metropolis on the Neva. These cities, like two ships in the vast expanse of water, follow one another in a sea of ​​boundless human great designs against the backdrop of unsurpassed scenery steel water Russian North, Recalling the great human traditions of world culture.

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? Discount ticket: 2900 rub (on the docks of 2900 rubles)
? children's tickets: 1900 rub (on the docks of 1900 rubles)
? Children up to 3 years:  is free
3400  to testify

Description and features of the route to Kronstadt

  • Excursion to Kronstadt Meteora starts from the center of St. Petersburg on the quays "Senate Haven" and "PALACE PIER"
  • Excursions to Kronstadt held at the legendary Meteor and this is a truly exclusive version of the tour is not only for St. Petersburg, but also for other cities of Russia, and not only.
  • Tour itinerary in Kronstadt laid on the Gulf of Finland. During 50 minutes meteor goes to Kronstadt and the guide tells about the history of the Neva land.
  • Excursion meteor is moored to the pier "Winter pier" and we are on the ground Kronstadt.
  • Further, part of a group within an hour of walking with guide Kronstadt, and the other part of a group with a guide goes on a tour of the Naval Cathedral with a show at the top of the church under the dome. After one hour the group change.
  • Lunch in the dining room of the Sea Cathedral.
  • Return to meteor. Meteor comes from Kronstadt to St. Petersburg through the Forts. Throughout the tour route leads.
  • Meteor coming to St. Petersburg and Kronstadt is moored at the Palace Bridge.
  • Total duration of the tour 5 to 5.30 hours.

Description and features of the route to Kronstadt


  • The tour package including lunch and LIFT FOR MARINE DOME CATHEDRAL.
  • On the return path extends along meteor FORTOV, but without landing.
  • Excursion service includes:
    • Meteora in Kronstadt.
    • Tour of the Kronstadt.
    • Tour of the Sea Cathedral.
  • We recommend BUY TICKETS IN ADVANCE TK. for 2-3 the day before the flight tickets are already fully redeemed!!!
  • Buying tickets for the tour to Kronstadt on our website be sure to check our promotions and discounts.
  • You can buy a ticket for a meteor to Kronstadt without a city tour and visit the Naval Cathedral.
  • You can buy a ticket for a meteor from Kronstadt without a city tour and visit the Naval Cathedral.

Description and features of the route to Kronstadt

  • Bronze Horseman.
  • Admiralty in St. Petersburg.
  • Menshikov Palace in St. Petersburg.
  • Hermitage.
  • Kunstkamera.
  • Spit of Vasilyevsky Island.
  • exchange.
  • Petropavlavsk fortress.
  • The housing industry in Malaya Neva.
  • marine facade.
  • ZSD
  • Green zones Northern islands.
  • Range of modern hydraulic protection structures.
  • Gulf of Finland.
  • The resort area, Karelian isthmus.

In Kronstadt.

  • Menshikov Palace
  • Admiralty
  • Bypass canal
  • monument to Peter 1
  • Peter park.
  • Lighthouse.
  • merchant Harbor.
  • Dutch cuisine.
  • dock bridge.
  • monument SO Makarov.
  • monument IKAivazovsky.
  • monument P.K.Pahtusovu.
  • monument F.F.Bellensgauzenu.
  • naval artillery cannon.
  • Naval Cathedral.
  • St. Vladimir's Cathedral.
  • square, which was St. Andrew's Cathedral, where he served John of Kronstadt.
  • Chapel of the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God.
  • Guest house.

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