A summary of the message of St. Petersburg - Peterhof - SPb

  • The duration of the way to Peterhof: 35 min
  • The duration of the way to St. Petersburg: 35 min
  • Departure to Peterhof: Senate marina (The English Embankment. 2) and Palace pier (Palace Embankment. 36)
  • schedule: every 30 min (Select the time you can when buying a ticket)
  • motor ship: motor ship meteor (hydrofoil).

buy a ticket

? Discount ticket: 1400 rub (on the wharf 1400 rub)
? children's tickets: 1000 rub (on the docks of 1000 rubles)
? Children up to 3 years:  is free
1800  to testify

Our advantages

  • A discount: when you buy with discounts up site 30%. Additional discount on the promotional code more in promotions and discounts. The discount is calculated on the cost of the ticket at the dock.
  • E-ticket: after buying a ticket, a message with your order number is sent to your phone and email. By this order number you will receive your boarding pass at the ticket office on the pier.
  • each gift: When buying a ticket a free walking tour of St. Petersburg (see more)

Feature route to Peterhof and back

Dear guests and residents of the northern capital! Before you organize a trip, you form a budget, mode of transport to Peterhof, plan, in which the palaces and museums go, where you will have dinner, etc.. We hope, our information, presented in this village, It will help determine the type of transport and to reduce your costs.

St. Petersburg – city ​​of palaces and museums, in the field of cultural tourism capital of Russia. With proper budgeting for a trip to St. Petersburg is much to see and much to save, without prejudice to obtaining pleasure. Now we want to pick a topic like trip Peterhof and back to meteor.

Question - Answer

Question: How much time is required to visit the Peterhof park and how to calculate the time of the return journey to buy tickets?

answer: In the experience of many years of observations – this 2, maximum 3 o'clock, but like everywhere there are exceptions to the rule. Our answer is only a recommendation and is not the ultimate truth.

Purchase tickets for the Meteor - it's profitable!

Buying tickets for the meteor to Peterhof and back in a single package, you get to pay only the cost of travel in one direction, This saves up to 300 rubles per person.

The navigation 2021 , the cost of a ticket for a meteor to Peterhof on the dock for adults equals 1000p. If you buy separately ticket to Peterhof on a mooring in Saint-Petersburg, and then You buy a ticket for a meteor to St. Petersburg at the box office pier of Peterhof, the total amount obtained 2000 rub. The sum obtained is a decent and, not counting the cost of admission to the park of Peterhof.

But the above-described example, describes the 2 purchases. Separately, bought a ticket to Peterhof and separately bought from Peterhof. There are purchase option tickets for the meteor back and forth in one package.

If bybathing ticket for the meteor to Peterhof and back at the box office berth, the cost of a ticket in the navigation 2021 year will be equal to adults 1800 rub. Already obtained the total amount below. But the most profitable option – this Purchase tickets for the meteors in both directions through the site "Neva River".

Ticket price for the meteors to Peterhof and back when buying through the site will be smooth 1800 rubles, and if we use the promo code, which can be obtained by quoting us on social networks, the amount can reach up to 1260 rubles (given that, if you book your flight in advance 30 days). The total benefit 540 rubles! This is a decent savings, which you can use!!!

Route of the meteor to Peterhof

photos Peterhof

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