• Flight duration: in Peterhof - 40 min, from Peterhof - 40 min
  • Departure: Senate marina, Palace pier
  • schedule: daily 2 flight per hour
  • Route: water area of ​​the Neva, The Gulf of Finland
  • motor ship: speedboat
  • Additionally: small observation deck, a toilet

Description of the route on the meteor to Peterhof

An excursion to Peterhof is always a meeting with a holiday, ideas of grandeur beauty! The kingdom of Peterhof fountains will meet you at the pier of the Lower Park, and you, looking at this soulful picture, connecting water fun and the flight of the soul, forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life and, more and more immersed in the FAIRY TALE!

Dear guests and residents of the northern capital! Before, how to organize a trip, you form a budget, mode of transport to Peterhof, plan, what palaces and museums will you go to, where will you dine, etc.. We hope, our information, presented in this village, It will help determine the type of transport and to reduce your costs.

What will you see

Отправление Метеоров в Петргоф от Сенатской пристани
Метеор Петергоф от Дворцовой пристани
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  • While on board the rocket, you will see the panorama of the historic parade Petersburg;
  • The splendor of the embankments of St. Petersburg, clad in granite;
  • Wide Baltic expanses beyond the island part of urban development;
  • View of Lakhta, where the pedestal was found for the great Bronze Horseman;
  • Laconic quarters of seaside areas;
  • Sea harbor and large cruise ships;
  • In the distance, a picturesque image of Kotlin Island, where the fortress city of Kronstadt with its forts and the line of a complex of modern hydrotechnical protective structures stands, popularly referred to as the Dam. Flying over the lead in the water rocket, you will consider the Strelna complex of the Konstantinovsky Palace, and now Peterhof opens its arms to you!

Our advantages

  • E-ticket: after the purchase to you by e-mail, SMS or Whatsapp receives information on your order. An e-ticket is NOT a boarding pass, by ticket number (order) You MUST print your boarding passes at the ticket office or terminal at the pier.

St. Petersburg - a city of palaces and museums, in the field of cultural tourism capital of Russia. With proper budgeting for a trip to St. Petersburg is much to see and much to save, without prejudice to obtaining pleasure. Now we want to raise such a topic, like a trip to Peterhof and back on a meteor.


Buying tickets for the meteor to Peterhof before and back in a single package, you get to pay only the cost of travel in one direction, This saves up to 400 rubles per person.

The navigation 2023 year, the cost of a ticket for a meteor to Peterhof on the pier for adults is equal to 1400 rub. If you buy a separate ticket to Peterhof at the pier in St. Petersburg, and then buy a ticket for a meteor to Petersburg at the box office of the Peterhof pier, the total amount obtained 2800 rub. The amount turns out to be decent, and this is not counting the cost of an entrance ticket to Peterhof Park.

But the above-described example describes 2 purchases. Separately, bought a ticket to Peterhof and separately bought from Peterhof. There is an option of buying a round-trip ticket to the meteor in one package.

If you buy a ticket for the meteor to Peterhof and back at the pier ticket offices, the cost of a ticket in the navigation 2023 year will be equal to adults 2500 rub. Already obtained the total amount below. But the most profitable option is to buy a round-trip ticket for meteors through the Neva River website..

The cost of a ticket for meteors to Peterhof and back when buying through the site will be equal to 2480 rubles, and if we use the promo code, which can be obtained, by quoting us on social media, amount can reach 2080 rubles (given that, if you book your flight in advance 60 days). Bottom line benefit - 400 rubles! This is a decent savings, which you can use!

Route of the meteor to Peterhof

Meteor schedule in Peterhof

from Senate pier

from the Palace pier

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Adult ticket
? Discount ticket: 1190 
? Dety to 12 years: 740 
? Children up to 3 years:  is free

Price when buying a ticket There – Back

Adult 2480 | (1400+1080)
Preferential 2080 | (1200+880)
baby 1280 | (750+530)

Adult ticket
Discount ticket: 1190 
children's tickets: 740 

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