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A summary of the report Petersburg - Peterhof

  • duration: 35 min.
  • Departure: Senate marina (The English Embankment. 2) and Palace pier (Palace Embankment. 36)
  • schedule: every 30 min (Select the time you can when buying a ticket)
  • motor ship: motor ship meteor (hydrofoil).

Our advantages

  • A discount: when you buy with discounts up site 30%. Additional discount on the promotional code more in promotions and discounts. The discount is calculated on the cost of the ticket at the dock.
  • E-ticket: No need to print out a ticket after the purchase of your phone and email message arrives from your e-ticket.
  • each gift: When buying a ticket a free walking tour of St. Petersburg (see more)

Closing the show of fountains in Peterhof will be accompanied by a multimedia spectacle 20 and 21 September 2020. AT 2020 year's festival is called “empress”. It is not difficult to guess the show will be dedicated to one of the most important figures in the history of Russia – Catherine the Great. She arrived in the Russian bride of the future Emperor Peter III, and it became a huge country impratritsey. Usually the whole show program takes about 1 o'clock. Though in fact it is not so much, but believe in the word, – this holiday to be remembered for a long time and will be stored in your memory for a long time.

both days of the festival program will be the same, so choose the most convenient date for you.

AT 2019 , the show will be a new multimedia show “theatrical novel”. The audience present ironic sketches, telling about the numerous theatrical genres – traditional ritual dances to modern musicals and rock operas. Heroes of the presentation will be characters, who create for a particular theatrical genre: choreographers, composers, dancers, original genre artists, elucidate, one of them is better and more important for the theater.

Dear visitors of the city and St. Petersburg! Join us on our journey to the meteor to Peterhof, you will find yourself in a fairy tale, where all broadcasts of the beauty and grandeur of the human soul and of the mind! We are waiting for you at our comfortable meteors, and in front of you at the festival closing of fountains in Peterhof: computer animation, presentation of original genre artists, singing and dancing, laser and fireworks show. And in the end all miracles-fabulous fireworks over the grandeur splashing fountain jets Main palace Cascade and Lower Park of Peterhof, aqua and light holiday extravaganza on the sunset sky!


Hurry to buy a ticket! Limited number of seats!

buy a ticket

? Discount ticket: 890 rub (on the docks of 900 rubles)
? children's tickets: 890 rub (on the docks of 900 rubles)
? Children under years:  is free
1200  to testify

Prices are for one way flight!

departure schedule meteors

Visit unique holiday closing fountains in the capital of Russian fountains – Peterhof – be held 20 and 21 September 2020 of the year!

You can arrive in this wonderful corner of the meteor from the center of St. Petersburg right in the lower park of Peterhof.

meteor – the easiest and most convenient way, connecting St. Petersburg and Peterhof!

40 minutes trip lasts for meteor Peterhof, and you – fountains in lower park of the capital! This year, as always, please all participants of the festival closed original fountains, brightness, special visual effects, wealth of experience!

All flights at the Meteor to Peterhof can be viewed here.

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Information about the holiday closing fountains

Meteors in Peterhof closing Fountain

Closing fountains Petergofeezhegodno passes in the second half of September, St. Petersburg is also coming to the end of the season fountains and gradually takes place in the city of fountains closing, or rather off.

Many residents of St. Petersburg and the guests of the Northern capital attributed Festival closing of fountains in Peterhof with the final shutdown of the fountains in the park of Peterhof fountains and the end of the season. We want to hurry to please you, that it is not so, rather quite so. It is necessary to separate these two activities.

Closing fountains – is off the fountains of water and preservation of fountains in winter, as well as preparation for the opening of the fountains in St. Petersburg next spring.

Closing of the fountains in Peterhof as a holiday – that's another story. Peterhof – This royal residence, water fountains and the kingdom, and any usual, technical exercise, which can go somewhere unnoticed, Peterhof turned into a high-level shows. And usually closed fountain turns into an event called "Festival closing of fountains in Peterhof".

Holiday "Closing fountains" runs in certain hours, and we advance on our website expose schedule meteors in Peterhof, going to the top of the holiday "Closing the fountains of Peterhof".

Company "Neva River" offers everyone buy tickets for the meteors to Peterhof on holiday "Closing Fountain" through the site at the best price.

We would like to draw your attention to the following:

  • Closing the fountains of Peterhof as a celebration is held in mid-September, but fountains of Peterhof will operate normally for at least a few weeks.
  • Each year, a specific theme is chosen at the festival closing fountains, which played out as a powerful theatrical performance in the park Peterhof.
  • Buy ticket for the meteor to Peterhof on holiday "Closing Fountain" through the site, you can advance or day of the festival, but we recommend not to delay unnecessarily the purchase is not always possible to buy a ticket for a meteor, going on holiday Fountain the day.
  • The beginning of the play begins in # IMPERATRITSA2019 21:00. Log in Lower Park with tickets to the festival 18:00. Fountains of the western and eastern part of the park will work with 18:00 to 20:30.
  • FROM 15 hours begins preparation for the holiday. Park close to the entrance, and all, located in Lower Park, invite to exit.
  • TO 17 hours from St. Petersburg to Peterhof meteors come on holiday Fountain with passengers, specifically bought a ticket on a meteor and a feast of fountains.
  • Peterhof Administration usually organizes a holiday lasting at 2 day. In this year it 20 and 21 September. You can choose the date, Cawthorne is more convenient for you.

pay attention! If you bought a ticket for a meteor to Peterhof for up to 14 hours and went to the park with the aim to stay there until the beginning of the holiday of fountains in Peterhof, you will not succeed. At certain times of the park will be closed to prepare for the evening's show.

  • Buy ticket for the meteor to Peterhof with the mark on "holiday closing of fountains".

We hope our information will be helpful to you, and now you will not confuse the technical closure of the fountains in St. Petersburg and holiday closing of fountains in Peterhof. Now you know, that after the show in the park, fountains will work for a few weeks in the normal mode. AND, if you wish, then they will be able to admire, but without the huge crowds of visitors and tourists, to visit Peterhof fountains, as many think, that after the holiday all the fountains are turned off and are closed, but it is not so.

fountains of Peterhof

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