Navigation in St. Petersburg begins annually, basically, the weather in mid-April.

AT 2020 , the navigation starts 24 April. Tickets for the boat trips are available to purchase on our website. We would like to note that, depending on weather conditions, it is the date of opening of navigation can change and begin earlier for a few weeks, if this happens then we will inform you about it in this post.

The first few weeks are held daily teplokhodnye sightseeing excursions along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg. In the last days of April and beginning of May ships begin to walk on night walks on breeding the bridge.

In St. Petersburg comes a great multitude, guests for, to enjoy them, to see him attractions, and many come to the dock to buy tickets for the motor-ship excursions on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg. We offer pre-plan your water travel and buy tickets through our website on an excursion along the rivers and canals by boat. You can choose the day, time and route of the tour teplokhodnye. You will need only a few minutes to process an electronic ticket.

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