This tour will take place along the two main and most famous waterways of the city - the Fontanka and the Neva.. The brilliant front part of the former capital of the Russian Empire will appear to your eyes in all the diversity and splendor of its architectural images.
duration: 1 time 15 min
A type: Sightseeing
Route: p. Fontanka - Neva (to Bronze Horseman) - p. Fontanka
Tour but the Neva and the Gulf of Finland
duration: 1 time 40 min
A type: excursion
Route: Neva river - Gulf of Finland
Amazing city will appear to your eyes from the boat! Its palaces and churches, bridges and industrial plants.
duration: 1 time
A type: Sightseeing
Route: Bronze Horseman – Hermitage – Smolny Cathedral – Bronze Horseman
A fascinating journey through the historical overview chamber and Ceremonial Petersburg.
duration: 1 time 25 min
A type: Sightseeing
Route: p. Fontanka - Kryukov channel - p. Moyka - Winter groove - r. Neva - p. Fontanka

Walks along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg — Information from the organizer

A tour along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg with our company is a real holiday! You can make diverse river excursions on the ship, see the city from the water, admire its grandiose panoramas.

Petersburg was created as a fortress and a port city near the Baltic on the swampy banks of the Neva and its many tributaries.. It is the water that makes the city unique., and with us during walks along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg you can plunge into the unique atmosphere of the amazing Paradise, as Peter the Great called his favorite brainchild.

Word “Peter” translated means “stone” and the city, Open the gates to Europe, was built according to the best urban planning plans of the 17th-18th centuries from stone and placed on a pedestal of stone embankments, which further emphasizes the originality of its architectural image. You can see all this in the whole spectrum of our excursions along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg.

The movement of road transport in St. Petersburg in the daytime, especially on weekdays, often obstructed by traffic jams.

The motor ship along the rivers and canals will take you through the beautiful historical quarters - this is always a trip around St. Petersburg with comfort, without unnecessary time-consuming, Yes, and accompanied by professional guides.

Teplokhodnye variety of routes to please any guest of the city and St. Petersburg, even the most demanding. In our tour programs boats are not only the front part of the Neva, but also in the chamber corners of the old town, along the Fontanka River, Kryukov canal, river Moika, winter Canal, Kronverkskaya duct. And because of the abundance of waterways, excursions on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg, that we offer on our website, very varied and diverse.

Tnly aboard ship excursion can penetrate Petersburg, feel involved in a centuries-old history of the Venice of the North. The heart and soul of St. Petersburg are palaces and squares, monuments and apartment houses, bridges and urban ensembles, straight lines and arrows embankments streets, prospects, industrial architecture and modern residential neighborhoods. It was only on board the ship tour, passing on major waterways Northern Paradise, you can see his true face and reveal the mysterious curtain, telling about, how beautiful and beautiful the city is.

FROMSt. Petersburg is a city with a huge number of rivers, water hoses, channels and ducts. Only in St. Petersburg there are about boundaries 90 rivers and canals. How many rivers and canals, pools buried and enclosed in a tube! And only in the names of streets or in the memory of the inhabitants of the city were memories of the once flowing waters here (details in our blog). Rivers and canals of St. Petersburg more 3 centuries serves as a transport artery, veins and capillaries of our city. Cargo delivery, people, etc.. carried out by the most convenient way - by water. And we invite you to take a tour of St. Petersburg in the most convenient and romantic way - along the mirror surfaces of the water.

Why should I buy a ticket from us:

PWhen buying a ticket through the site teplokhodnye on day trips on the rivers, channels, Neva and the Finnish Gulf we offer discount up to 10%.

Possibility to buy a ticket on a tour of the rivers and canals on any given day and time.

Bargain fares on the boat trip and tour of St. Petersburg.

Ease of buying tickets river buses on rivers and channels SPb: few clicks and e-ticket purchased.

Only we can offer you the, What other companies and websites do not offer: bought a ticket on our website at teplohodnuyu tour, we offer to visit a free walking tour of St. Petersburg (details, see promotions and discounts).

Excursions in St. Petersburg on the ship

Walk along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg is one of the main attractions of the Northern capital during the tourist season. Never mind, whether the person came to St. Petersburg as a tourist or for work, but you can always find time for a boat trip around the city. You can not manage to visit the Hermitage and the Peter and Paul Fortress, you can not get to Peterhof, but the highlight 1 time 15 min. on excursions in St. Petersburg on the ship, most often, it turns out and even happens to be almost the only way to get acquainted with the cultural capital of Russia.

Boat trips in St. Petersburg will give you a great opportunity not only to learn the history of the city, but also to see with your own eyes the main sights of the center of St. Petersburg, hear the competent speech of the guide and take a lot of photos for memory from the board of the pleasure boat. And in order, to make your trip as pleasant as possible, it is necessary to thoroughly approach the choice of the route and the shipping company. We have tried to help you in this matter., posting below a solid article on the subject.

Excursions along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg held since Soviet times, as well as the walking routes of St. Petersburg rivers and canals perform their function with the time of Peter.

Routes along rivers and canals organize shipping companies, which, largely, have many years of experience in organizing transportation by waterways over the past 20-25 years, and some companies went out of state structures. All of these components are added in modern industry water excursions and transportation in St. Petersburg, with its pluses and minuses.

The biggest plus is that, that double-deck motor ships and single-deck river trams is the brand of our city. And in recent years, the city government has been an active participant and assistant in charge of shipping companies, which aim to improve the quality of services. Today, about a hundred shipping companies operate in St. Petersburg, from them about 10 – large. They occupy a large part of the market. In the past few years, in our city, the clear leaders have become shipping company "Neva Travel". Here we have this company and compare with all the other companies of our city according to various criteria and parameters, and the choice is always yours.

Motor ship on rivers and canals - How to choose a shipping company

Boat trips in St. Petersburg carried out on ships, what does it mean? Right! We must ask before choosing a company issues:

A) Is it safe journey?

B) The quality of ships and crew training?

AT) quality tours?

D) The frequency of excursions (flight schedule)

D) Ease of payment (online sales, cashless payments)

E) Refunds with unforeseen situations

We begin to answer questions.

A) For, so that the ship can navigate the inland waters of St. Petersburg as a passenger ship, he must have permission, obtained from river register. Every year in the rules of operation of ships, new additions, and only large shipping companies may comply with the requirements, imposed River Register, tk. all work to improve the condition of motor ships is time-consuming and expensive. The state is interested in improving safety in the waters of St. Petersburg. And these are not empty words! The city needs an influx of travelers and maximum profits in tourism, and St. Petersburg continues to improve its rating as the tourist capital of Russia.

B) If you are the largest shipping company, it means, you are always in sight of the controlling and supervising authorities. What can a small company afford?, consisting of the owner of the ship, part-time captain, sailor and guide in one person? This "luxury" major shipping companies can not afford. Unfortunately, companies, consisting of one or two ships, very often they simply “pirate” and without any permissions they can invite you on excursions along rivers and canals from unequipped berths without any permits. But below market prices.

We want to clarify, that a large shipping company is not the right company, which has the most ships of the same class, and and, which has ships of different classes and berths in different parts of the city. In St. Petersburg, only Neva Travel and Astra Marine operate regular flights to all existing destinations and have a comprehensive approach to organizing traffic.. There are still a few companies, ships which have more than one class and trying to organize their activities in a complex.

For, so that a diverse fleet can function and receive all permits, specialists and shipyards are required. Only large companies can afford a team of professionals.

Only a large shipping company can afford the structure, like in Soviet times.

For, for the crew to be professional, We need a captain-instructor, that takes exams at the contenders for the post of master or minder. Only large companies have a responsibility to the safety on the water than on paper, chief mechanical engineer, Supply et al separated. It seems to be simple and logical, but for that, so that everything goes without a hitch, requires the efforts of many professionals, that small companies can not afford.

therefore excursions along the rivers and canals in St. Petersburg - this is a serious event, followed by closely monitoring our state. But, Unfortunately, for small companies, which are very often found in the gray zone, simply no way to keep track.

AT) Ride Venice of the North on a safe boat, with all permits, - is one of the main, but not the only condition for the success of the tour.

In the past few years, small companies have included audio guides to save money..

Only large shipping companies can afford a whole staff of officially accredited professional guides.

All professional guides are accredited, output by the city government.

And only in the shipping company "Neva Travel" has Tourdesk, led by one of the best water guides – Putnik Tamara. The company has more than 40 accredited guides, which are different boat tours. All guides annually refresher courses.

D) Excursion on rivers and channels SPb on a safe boat with a professional guide 90% success. But 90%, is not 100%.

Small shipping companies are gaining on the ship is not in time, and until there is a certain number of passengers. And probably, many have heard, as the barker and administrators say, that the ship starts in 15 minutes. But 15 last minute is not 15 and 20 min. Unfortunately, it is a feature of small companies. In "Neva Travel" all tickets are sold for a certain time, and you can buy them not only at the box office on the pier, but also through the Internet on any given day and time. But that's another story!!!

D) You can pay in cash, as well as cards, via phone and other payment systems.

E) If you buy tickets via the Internet, then return tickets also occurs via the Internet, and the amount you will return to your account, and anywhere you do not have to travel with a passport to get money.

Ships on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg They are a wonderful means of exploring the northern capital, but only under certain conditions, which we have described above. For, to get only positive emotions, purchase tickets on our website at excursions on the rivers and channels from the largest shipping company.

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