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Dear guests and residents of St. Petersburg
We are pleased to offer you various excursions,
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  • Northern Capital is a leader in the direction of cultural tourism in our country. Our team always aims to improve the quality of the tours of St. Petersburg.
  • Not only do we organize trips with guide standard, but also to develop routes of excursions in St. Petersburg and its suburbs.
  • On the official website of excursions, Create team "Neva River", you will not only find all the classic types of excursions, held in St. Petersburg, but also be able to buy a ticket for a tour of St Petersburg online, directly on our company website, regardless of the time of day and year.
  • What is a tour of St. Petersburg from the "Neva River"? – it is a wonderful gift, you can make yourself, friends, family and co-workers.
  • You can buy tickets as a sightseeing tour of St. Petersburg, and ordered a group tour of the city or the suburbs.
  • You can use the administrator's help
    by phone. +7 (812) 660−55−78 and book an individual tour, composed according to your wishes and interests. If organized individual program, all excursions, selected by the customer, adapt and combine in a comprehensive program guide and put into practice in a wonderful journey into the history of our city.
  • On the official website of the Tour of our company, you can choose and buy not only all survey and thematic excursions in St. Petersburg, but also buy tickets for themed walks, carried out by the rivers and channels on the boats or bus tours of St. Petersburg suburbs.

Always a holiday for any person meeting with Peterhof. We will be your guide in the realm of the fountains! Our meteors quickly with a high level of safety and comfort take you over 35-40 min. there, where beauty, water, shine, It creates a unique harmony! During the movement you will see the beautiful St. Petersburg and the surrounding area with water and once again be able to evaluate the great genius of Peter I!

The excursion to Peterhof – it is always met with a holiday, ideas of grandeur beauty! The kingdom of Peterhof fountains greet you at the Lower Park Marina and you, looking at this soulful picture, connecting the water fun and the flight of the soul, forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life and, more and more immersed in a fairy tale!

Daily sightseeing tours along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg is – fascinating sightseeing tour of historical places of St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg has a unique face. It's hard to say it is the most beautiful in any season of the year. On this question, each answer himself. City happy to share with guests their history. Thanks to these trips we go on waterways look at neighborhoods, monuments, gardens. palaces, temples, bridges.

To all the, that is the term beauty and grandeur of St. Petersburg. The beauty of it was created in different time periods for more than three centuries and by different authors, that's great architects, whose names are known all over the world, stonecutters to obscurity, Founders, carpenters, artisans of all genres. Love of beauty has united them all, from the famous to the anonymous. The past here on the Neva embankment adjacent to this.

One of the most brilliant and mysterious faery Petersburg true action is the bridges over the Neva River in the navigation time. On board the ship you will be able to see all the details of this amazing show, when everything merges: and water, and the city, and the sky.

A romantic boat trip under the bridges, that raise the wings drawbridges during the navigation. Here, which leads to our city a lot of people. Rise bascule bridge spans – it is an amazing sight and the flight of human genius! And how to write a great H. Agnivcev, lifetime carolers St. Petersburg.
And someone's spicy mouth,
And kissing something's eye
Do the bridges
Waiting on the motor.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the night of St. Petersburg and get an unforgettable experience of traveling along the Neva River on a ship under divorced bridges!

Organization of events on the ship can be for you a fascinating event. Holiday on the water a great alternative to the restaurant, banquet hall or buffet in the open air, be it a wedding, corporate, Business meeting with partners, anniversary or outlet, You get on the boat at the same time change of scenery panorama of St. Petersburg, restaurant and entertainment program.

We will organize a holiday on the water for you, which will remain in memory for a lifetime. Do not skimp on your own positive emotions! Petersburg, its amazing architecture, frozen light stroke of architects on the water surface of the Neva, a priceless gift , you can afford.

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