Excursions in St. Petersburg rivers with access to the Gulf of Finland

A unique excursion boat trip along the Neva from the center of St. Petersburg to the Sevkabel Port! there are three stops: at the pier of Sevkabel Port, The Bronze Horseman and the Hermitage.
duration: 1 time 30 min
A type: Sightseeing, audioguide
Route: Neva - Bolshaya Neva - Neva
Travel this unusual and in content and intention. Its main goal is to walk around one of the largest islands of the Neva Delta, called Vasilyevsky.
duration: 2 o'clock
A type: Sightseeing, entertainment
Route: grand Neva - Malaya Neva - The Gulf of Finland - Bolshaya Neva.
Sightseeing tour, gives an idea of ​​St. Petersburg, as a city standing on the islands in the Baltic Sea.
duration: 2 o'clock
A type: Sightseeing
Route: grand Neva - Bolshaya Neva - Kirov Islands - The Gulf of Finland - Malaya Neva - grand Neva. The motor ship does 3 stop Hermitage, Bronze Horseman, Gorky Park.

From the organizers of the route

DOrogen guests of the city and St. Petersburg! We want with you to understand the importance and significance of combinations such as "Petersburg-window to Europe" or "Petersburg NavalRussia s Gate ". For this purpose, and there are a series of water excursions Neve yield in Gulf, which is the forerunner of the Baltic Sea. Often about St. Petersburg is referred to as the seaside town, although directly within the boundaries of urban development of the historical center there is little reminiscent of the sea at a glance. But it is only at first! Already arriving in the city on the Neva in any possible way-by train, plane, water or road, at the entrance to St. Petersburg all of us in the vast stands or small brochures meets emblem of the city, which is a shield, which crossed the sea and river anchor put in under the scepter of the crown. This coat of arms has officially granted the beautiful northern capital of Russia is not accidental. It was formed from the 1730 to the middle of the 19th century. Anchor with two blades and rivers, precluding its anchor 4 blades navaland, that in heraldry is reminiscent of the true purpose of Petersburg-ogreFoot river and sea port. In this way, the coat of arms is clearly expressed the idea of ​​Peter, the founder of the new Paradise, the release to the sea through river routes. Only aboard the tour ship, Take a fascinating excursion trip to St. Petersburg by sea expanses, you are aware of all the grand plan of creation here on marshy wetlands of the new capital of the empire, which was originally developed it as a city by the sea, as evidenced by the old architectural ensembles today, whose names are associated with symbols of the sea: Admiralty(admiral in Persian "the lord of the sea") on the Neva River in the heart of naval shipyard, Where to build warships; Nicholas Bogoyavlensky Sea Cathedral, standing on the territory of the settlement, where sailors and workers lived Admiralty Office; Bolshaya and Malaya Morskaya street Nevsky Prospect.; Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, where he was one of the largest port complexes in Europe, receiving a tremendous amount of river and sea merchant ships, and more.

For, that you are more fully realized, that St. Petersburg – This city by the sea, we present an excerpt from the water excursion by boat on the Neva River with access to the Gulf of Finland, tickets for which you can purchase on our website. The full text of motor-ship excursions on the Neva river with access to the Gulf of Finland you can read our blog.

Dear friends, note, that you can select on this page is not just a tour of the Neva River with access to the Gulf of Finland, but teplohodnuyu tour of the Gulf of Finland to the music pauses and the working bar on board.

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