Who we are

NEVA REKA is an independent Strategic Business Unit within NEVA TRAVEL COMPANY GROUP/

We work 2 main areas:

  • Tourist shipping services (over 1 million boat trip tickets sold this year navigation)
  • The highest level meetings for the state companies and diplomatic offices (we provide full range of tourist services in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow)

How it works

Our Indian business partners enjoy the benefits of the big trustworthy company but also the flexibility. As a result, you have both – solid infrastructure and customer-oriented approach.

What we offer

Professional English-speaking assistance

A lot of companies shut down due to the pandemic, and we managed to headhunt experienced professionals: office workers and tourist guides. We are proud of our work team!

Indian cuisine

The program will include vegetarian meals and Indian cuisine restaurants. Because we know how important it is for our Indian guests.

Accommodations & Transport

25 years presence in the Russian market gives us the whole list of special agreements with the important state structures as well as the private entities.

The program will include boat tour – our specialty!

We are a shipping company and offer our partners the direct service, no agents in between. Romantic day tours and night cruises with the unforgettable view of drawbridges.

You can rest assured – we will take a good care of your customers in their journey.

Our Mission

We share with our guests the places of interest that we, the Russians, love and enjoy most when travel across the country. Besides the most popular museums, you will learn a lot about the Soviet history, contemporary cultural events, enjoy the beauty of national parks or a pleasant walk around the city…

We believe their main task - the organization of various excursions at a high level. The team "Neva Reka" - a team of professionals, with many years of experience

our company, "Neva River" is specialized in the organization and promotion of various water, bus and walking tours, held in St. Petersburg and its suburbs. We believe their main task - the organization of various excursions at a high level. The team "Neva Reka" - a team of professionals, with many years of experience, Knowledge and form, which allows to organize and carry out various kinds of high quality tours. In addition to classic sightseeing tours by boat, buses, we organize and conduct various walking tours. We develop and carry out the author's trips on various subjects. We conduct individual and group tours.

Particular attention is paid to the guides. Our company employs professionals, who constantly improve their skills in various courses and lecture cycles. AT our team no casual, so-called, day tour guides. Each of our tour - it's long-term development, work and experience is not a guide, and the whole team.

"Neva Reka" - the first company in St. Petersburg, which has developed and started to implement in our city Free thematic excursions with the purchase of tickets for various motor-ship and bus excursions

We can responsibly say: "Neva Reka" - the first company in St. Petersburg, which has developed and started to implement in our city Complimentary themed tours when buying tickets for bus trips and teplokhodnye, whether teplokhodnye day excursions on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg, teplokhodnye night tours under drawbridges or riding a meteor and back to Peterhof (all the details in Section "Discounts"). We hope (and not even doubt, that it will) this, that other companies will pick up our initiative and begin to implement a variety of free trips in addition to a variety of water and bus tour, for which tickets are purchased through sites. But we want to immediately warn our guests and residents of St. Peterbuge from hasty purchase tickets for excursions teplokhodnye or meteors in Peterhof and back just because, that a variety of free themed tours additionally submitted. If you want to buy a ticket via the website at teplohodnuyu tour of the rivers and canals, a tour of the Neva and the Gulf of Finland, on a night walk on the Neva River at the bridges or on the meteor to Peterhof and Back, because buying through the site has its undeniable advantages in the form of discounts, lack of queues with the ability to select a date and time, without leaving home, This can be done through any site, which proved to be the most you like most sites unnecessarily is an official stockist of various shipping companies (but, Unfortunately, there are also some not honest sellers).

Buying tickets for the boat trip, a boat trip or a meteor in Peterhof via our website, you get a quality tour in a comfortable boat and safety.

Motor ships of the line operator “Neva Travel Company” They have all the necessary permits and approvals to work in St. Petersburg water routes. Ships and meteors have complete sets of life-saving appliances, crews regularly attend national training courses on safety Spent water. Operator Line shipping company “Neva Travel Company” Petersburg is a long-term partner in the organization of festivals and events not only city level, but also international, passing on water spaces of our city. She is a long-term member of alumni celebration “Scarlet Sails”, the official carrier of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Ice Breakers festival and many other events, held in St. Petersburg and related waterways.

We are working 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are ready to improve our work. And always welcome your feedback and suggestions!

Our team looks forward to, you get the most positive emotions from travel on water expanses of the North Palmyra. But if you have any questions about the service or the administration of the pier, to the ship team, you can always call us and we guarantee, that we will find a solution. We are working 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are always open for dialogue. If you have suggestions, suggestions or comments, you are welcome, leave them and your comments, we will be happy about this. Together we will make our work better.

You are welcome, when writing comments, mail or call, specify your e-ticket number (when buying through the site you are assigned eight-digit number and on the dock in a separate window, you call the number and get your boarding pass) or ticket details (route name, departure time and ticket number). According to your data, we will be able to follow, where and what went wrong. At the box office, on ships and on the quay video cameras, and we can always double-check the information, understand and answer.

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