Shown is the price of an adult one-way ticket, subject to the purchase of a round-trip ticket
duration: 35 min
A type: entertainment, excursion
Route: St. Petersburg - Peterhof
This is the price of an adult ticket, preferential category price - 840 rub., children's ticket to 12 years - 590 rub.
duration: 35 min
A type: entertainment, excursion
Route: Peterhof - St. Petersburg

Information for those who buy a ticket for a meteor to Peterhof

Information on travel organizers

How to get to Peterhof? Railways more, but the best solution would be a walk in the meteor or hydrofoil, which is often referred to as a rocket. Our meteors will take you to Peterhof with comfort in a beautiful palace and park ensemble of the world.

Boat trips on the high-speed St Petersburg's famous branded form of transport – meteors – This is the best way to combine the speed of the host to the famous fountains in the Lower Park with sightseeing along the way, where you will see amazing unique image of the Gulf of Finland and its neighboring lands with water.

  • You can buy a ticket a meteor in Peterhof from St. Petersburg in advance for any day and time.
  • You can buy a ticket to rocket to Peterhof from Petersburg as one way (in Peterhof or Petrodvorets), and in both directions at once.
  • Buying a ticket for Meteor to Peterhof from St. Petersburg and back you save money when buying. And if you buy separately to Peterhof, and then separately from the park in St. Petersburg, the ticket costs will increase.
  • Select the date and time of the flight you can when buying a ticket from our website.
  • ONLY purchased for definite time and date, YOU WARRANT your place at Meteor. By purchasing a ticket without a precise time, you will be put on meteor, wherein there are vacancies (We assure you, that passengers have to pass more than one or two meteors, for which tickets were sold in advance).
  • During peak season and on weekends at the box office berths queues to buy tickets on the Rocket, we recommend that you plan ahead and purchase tickets for Meteora.
  • The ticket price for Meteor does not include the cost of tickets in the Peterhof park. Tickets you can buy on the quay at the entrance to the park, on either the official website of HMP PETERHOF.
  • To register online at berth tickets a separate window acts, and you do not have to stand in the general queue at the cashier (calling the registration number you get a boarding card).
  • You can get your boarding tickets at the box office berths, but also at the box office …
  • Why is it necessary to change your ticket online (purchased through the site) on the boarding card? Meteors in Peterhof like other modes of transport (excursion boats, train, aircraft, cruise liners itd) They are high-risk place , therefore just the ticket for the hands is in the truest sense of the words of your insurance. If you are offered DAY EXCURSIONS teplokhodnye, Night walk on the boat, Meteor in Peterhof, but do not give out your boarding ticket, it should make you doubt.
  • BE CAREFUL: if you get out of the Lower Park somewhere beyond, and you bought tickets for the rocket of Peterhof in St. Petersburg, and you want to get back to the Lower Park, you will have to buy new tickets.
  • By purchasing a ticket on our website, you get a free tour. Schedule walking tours you can see in the walking tours.

Why buy tickets from us

  • We offer when purchasing tickets via the website on a meteor from St. Petersburg to Peterhof discount 10%, but also on other sites also offer exclusive discount 10-15% when buying tickets for the rocket to Peterhof from Petersburg. We think it will surprise nobody.
  • We guarantee a place on the meteor when buying through our site. Can we believe , that on other sites also provide a place and it's all true. Online sales concatenated into a single database .
  • Many sites presented the opportunity to buy a ticket to rocket to Peterhof at any time, but online sales through the Internet and on the calculated. We have not gone too far, and offer exactly the same service.
  • there are sites, offering to buy a ticket on a meteor in Peterhof from St. Petersburg and back without a specific time, ie meant, that he bought a ticket to rocket have the opportunity to sit down and go to the nearest meteor. Just forget to clarify – FOR IMMEDIATE Meteor , The available space. But in view of the workload of this mode of transport it is not always possible, and your nearest meteor may not be immediate. We offer, like many other, purchase tickets for a missile at a certain time.
  • Many sites write about optional printing e-tickets. And this feature is standard. But, coming to the pier, you must obtain a boarding card, dictating a room in a separate window. Yes, you do not stand in the common queue to the cashier (in peak season, on weekends and turn days up to several hundred meters), but you might have to stay longer at the window because of the influx of the tourists like you. It is unlikely that you alone buy tickets online, and then I was on the boarding card, although this too can be.
    WE OFFER such variant:
    come to the pier and get a boarding ticket at the Meteor to Peterhof in a separate window (It may be a few people in the queue)
    b) get a boarding ticket to rocket to Peterhof in our box office queue (KASS address) at the approach to the dock. (in our office only to exchange e-tickets on boarding, who designed the trip through our website. But on the quay offices, change the e-ticket for boarding, sold on many websites).
  • Summarizing all the above stated, ONLY WE CAN OFFER YOU TO, WHAT OTHER COMPANIES AND SITES ARE NOT BEING OFFERED – Free guided tour of Saint-Petersburg.

Features motion and occupancy meteors

In this article we would like to reveal a few secrets, which can be useful when planning a trip to Peterhof Meteora.

  • Meteors in Peterhof and back to begin their movement 9 – 10 am to 19-20 pm daily.
  • On average, the meteors are going to Peterhof 35-40 min interval movement 30 min.
  • Capacity from meteors 78 to 124 places.
    The St.- Petersburg there are several meteors, that were made c increased comfort for the head of state and government of our country for the celebration 300 – anniversary of St.- Petersburg. Capacity of the meteors before 80 people.
    And data meteors daily ply the route St. Petersburg, Peterhof and back to the general system. If you are lucky enough, then you can take a ride on a route on these comfortable meteors. Such meteors was originally 4 (186,190, 171 used by the shipping company "Neva Travel Company" and one meteor in "Vodochody").
    Today 171 meteor kept completely comfortable cabin in the bow and the central part of the ship, other ships only bows remained unchanged, central undergone changes.
  • Starting from morning till 12- 13 noon meteors go to Peterhof almost always filled.
    The largest occupancy on weekends and public holidays until 14 -14.30 hours. At the same time the meteors come from Peterhof to St. Petersburg almost empty. Beginning with 16-17 clock starts opposite picture. They begin to be filled with meteors from Peterhof to St. Petersburg. At the same time from St. Petersburg meteors go empty or almost empty.
  • If you want to visit the lower park of Peterhof and not pursue the goal to see himself fountains inclusion process (daily 11.00) We offer to buy tickets for a meteor to Peterhof after 13.00 hours.
    And it may happen, that a meteor only and you are lucky to Peterhof. If you buy a ticket for a meteor to Peterhof for the time after 15 hours, the individual visit warranty increases to indecent 99%. But this little trick we tell those, who like to plan their trips to the cinema on sessions, when the room is empty or are planning to travel around the city by car so, to cork have to meet.

meteor - Peterhof. Journey - Excursion

Priezzhaya in St. Petersburg, any inhabitant of the earth is lost from the abundance of artistic sites in the city, historical and architectural significance. For every taste firms represent a diverse range of tourist services. main attractionsNost North Venice on everyone's lips – walking on rivers and canals on the boat, Nevsky Prospect, Saint Isaac's Cathedral, Savior on Spilled Blood, Winter Palace, Kronstadt, with its forts, Tsarskoe village with succinic Ekaterinenskaya Palace bathroom, etc.. Of course, a treasure trove of art and one of the most visited places in St. Petersburg has become a magnificent Peterhof, fountains which are the biggest jewel in the crown of the city on the Neva.

The excursion to Peterhof – it is always met with a holiday, ideas of grandeur beauty! The kingdom of Peterhof fountains greet you at the Lower Park Marina and you, looking at this soulful picture, connecting the water fun and the flight of the soul, forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life and, more and more immersed in a fairy tale!

  • While on board the rocket, you will see the panorama of the historic parade Petersburg;
  • splendor embankments Peter, clad in granite;
  • extensive Baltic expanses for the island part of urban development;
  • kind of Lahti, where the pedestal was found for the great Bronze Horseman;
  • laconic quarters of coastal areas;
  • harbors and large cruise liners;
  • away pictorial image Kotlin Island , where there is fortress city of Kronstadt with its forts and the line range of modern hydraulic protection structures, popularly referred to as the Dam. Flying over the lead in the water rocket, you look Strelna complex is Konstantinovsky Palace and now vodotochivy Peterhof opens its arms to you!!!

Ekskursiya in Peterhof – it is always met with a holiday, ideas of grandeur beauty! Kingdom Peterhof fountains meet you at the Lower Park Marina and you, looking at this soulful picture, connecting the water fun and the flight of the soul, forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life and, more and more immersed in a fairy tale!

Shine golden fountain,
Jet flying proudly skyward,
And divine mills
Hug and beeping.
And the silver moisture
By cascades down runs
With reckless courage
Breaking of granite.
And the trees, like guards,
The park kept our peace.
Is there a more beautiful view of the park?
In the world it is the only one!

YU. Hutnyk

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