Dear friends! Citizens and guests! We offer all interested persons to make fascinating walking tours of the city center! You see the architectural ensembles of Petersburg's heart! The city on the Neva – It's really beautiful cities of the world, where merged together houses of the nobility, palaces of the royal family and nobles, administrative, public, commercial building, holiday and everyday life, revealing the unique atmosphere of the life of the Russian capital. Petersburg – the achievements of mankind, the history of our country and the world, embodied in the real images, and our walking tours to help you to see this!

We invite you to visit a variety of exciting sightseeing and themed walking tours of St. Petersburg and its suburbs. For, to see the masterpieces of architecture, and krasiveyshie places, not necessarily to go abroad. The amazing part is next, only need to be able to see it.

Our themed walking tours, always devoted to the disclosure of a single theme, eg, historical, architectural, Local History, military and historical, historical and biographical or places the life and work of great men.

On our site you can choose for himself as a paid and a free walking tour. And our experienced guides will make you see through the prism of the history of the masterpieces of the new architecture. Join us and we assure, that you will not be disappointed!

Our walking tours

The history of the Neva land, its past, names of people, lived here at one time often depicted in the names of the city, names of streets and embankments, squares and alleys.

Our tour is dedicated to the amazing variety of architectural forms, who used the famous architects of past eras in the construction of Orthodox churches enormous capital of the Russian Empire, to emphasize its greatness and grandeur of the Orthodox Faith, as a bastion of royal power.

We invite all interested persons with a professional guide to go through the historical center of St. Petersburg Ceremonial and admire the panorama of the old quarters, created by the best classical models of the great European cities.

On our route are the famous horse sculptures Anichkov Bridge, fence Fontanka, busts of Italian architects in the park at the Manege Square, griffins and centaurs this quarter, military symbol of victory over Napoleon at the Mikhailovsky Manege building.

Our task in this pedestrian route to see the nature of the city through the eyes of today's inhabitants through images of monuments.

St. Petersburg – city ​​of rivers and canals, bred to 42 islands of the Neva delta. Thanks to this abundance of water flow, Petersburg is often called the Venice of the North. An integral part of the architectural image of the city on the Neva, its attractiveness and its unusual steel crossing, binders city of the island into a single communications network.

In this walking tour we will make a fascinating excursion into the historical past of the major ensembles of squares and quays of St. Petersburg and get acquainted with the great architect Carlo Rossi.

This tour will acquaint you with the names and the works of the most famous Italian architects, thanks to which the city on the Neva is now considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Pedestrian journey of discovery with our company last 1,5- 2 o'clock, where at the same time overlooking the main street of the city beautiful in any weather and in any light, we will be able to plunge into the history of the construction of St. Petersburg, as a city of many faiths and creeds.

During the tour you will get acquainted with some of the sights of our city, directly mentioned in the texts of novels by Ilf and Petrov “12 chairs”. and “Golden calf”, You learn about the real prototypes heroes of novels, their addresses in St. Petersburg, and Second Life works, -found them on the stage and on the silver screen, leafed through some pages of the history of our city era 20-30 the last century.

After passing along the route of our excursion, we explore some of the sights of our city, reminiscent of the triumphal victory of Russian arms, and have become monuments of valor and courage of civilian residents of the city and its defenders.

Walking tour route, we perelistnom you known and little known to the public pages of the story. learn, where once there was a temple, where Peter the Great, was ordered to take the oath to all sailors, It housed the first Naval Academy Russia – Marine Guard Academy.

After passing along the route of our excursion, we will get acquainted with the sights of our city, which will allow us perelistnut some bright era of the reign of Elizabeth Page

After passing along the route of our excursion, you will get acquainted with the sights of the city is reminiscent of the era of stay in the Russian throne of Catherine the Great.

We offer all wishing to make a fascinating hour and a half tour of the historical ceremonial center of the city! See the architectural ensembles of St. Petersburg of the heart!

St.-Petersburg, the city of rivers and canals, located on 42 islands of the Neva delta. Thanks to this abundance of water flow, Petersburg is often called the Venice of the North…

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