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One of the most brilliant, enchanting, one of the most mysterious and truly St. Petersburg actions is the raising of bridges over the Neva at the time of navigation ...
duration: to 1 time 10 min.
A type: entertainment, night
Route: p. Fontanka - r. Neva (to Bronze Horseman) - p. Fontanka
Accompanied by "the living" saxophone, from the boat you will be able to see all the details of an amazing night show, Petersburg night, White Nights, draw bridges.
duration: to 1 time 50 min
A type: entertainment, night
Route: p. Fontanka - Kryukov channel - p. Moyka - Winter groove - r. Neva - p. Fontanka. Annunciation, Palace, Trinity, foundry bridges
On board the ship you will be able to see all the details of this amazing show, when everything comes together: and water, and the city, and the sky.
duration: to 2 o'clock 10 min
A type: entertainment, night
Route: Parade Neva - The Bronze Horseman - to the Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge (the ship makes a U-turn between the Bolsheokhtinsky bridge and the Alexander Nevsky bridge)
Romantic boat trip under drawbridges, who lift their wings in the season of navigation. Here, which leads to our city a lot of people.
duration: to 1 time 40 min
A type: Sightseeing, Night
Route: Bronze Horseman (berth) – Hermitage – Bolsheokhtinsky bridge – U-turn between Bolsheokhtinsky bridge and Alexander Nevsky bridge

Dear friends! If you want to go on a night boat trip along the Neva River at the bridges, You can always choose and buy any liked night walk just a few minutes at any time and date on our website. All night boat trip, presented on our site, pass on the ships of the largest shipping company of St. Petersburg "Neva Travel Company". If you have any questions, suggestions, offers, we are always ready to answer any of your questions. We are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The bridges in St. Petersburg – a spectacle which has long been one of the key brand of night life in St. Petersburg in the summer season. The bridges in St. Petersburg trying to see all the guests of the Northern Venice, arrived in St. Petersburg for more than one day, regardless of age and social status. Each guest of St. Petersburg may have its day program, does not intersect with other guests of our city, but the white nights and movable bridges are combined into a single space different itineraries and programs.

Where can I see the divorced bridges? The bridges in St. Petersburg can be observed standing on the waterfront, and from the boat. You can easily walk from one bridge to another divorcing, and it is possible from one bridge to another distributing go on the tour bus. The bridges in St. Petersburg can be seen from the window of a car or rent an individual walk through the night on a boat Neva.

What is a trip to the bridges you can buy? On the official website of the company "Neva River", you can buy a ticket for an inexpensive excursion along the Neva river to build bridges on a motor ship, there are also night flights with live music and a bar on the ship.

On what schedule divorced bridges in St. Petersburg? The bridges in St. Petersburg takes place on schedule, but there are always exceptions. Engaged in the maintenance and breeding of bridges in St. Petersburg company “MOSTOTREST”, to keep track of current information on changing the bridges in St. Petersburg advised to visit their official website https://mostotrest-spb.ru/

And the most important thing! No matter how you were assured when buying a ticket for the bridges, that the ship goes on a night walk under drawbridges, in St. Petersburg any pleasure, and excursion boats are not allowed to take place under the divorced spans. Double-deck motor ships and river buses are located at a certain regulated distance from the drawbridge spans, and you see the moment of the divorce from the boat. Motor ships pass under nerazvodnymi spans. The crews of ships, who are trying to pass under the bridge spans divorced, often do not have the permission to operation of the ship or want to be left without diplomas and work permits.

We hope we've got to help you choose a night boat trip.

St. Petersburg has a unique face. It's hard to say it is the most beautiful in any season of the year. On this question, each answer himself. City happy to share with guests their history. Thanks to these trips we go on waterways look at neighborhoods, monuments, gardens. palaces, temples, bridges.

To all the. that is the term beauty and grandeur of St. Petersburg. The beauty of it was created in different time periods for more than three centuries and by different authors, that's great architects, whose names are known all over the world, stonecutters to obscurity, Founders, carpenters, artisans of all genres. Love of beauty has united them all, from the famous to the anonymous. The past here on the Neva embankment adjacent to this.

We offer you a wide range excursions along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg, we also have water walks along the Neva with access to the Gulf of Finland in the daytime, bridge clearing flights at night, on meteors in Peterhof, Kronstadt, Nut Strelna. Most routes voiced sitting on ships professional guides.

Everyone who buys tickets on our website and on river tram ride, on breeding the bridge or on meteor in Peterhof, get some important bonuses.

  • first – it is up to 10% discount from the price on the quay.
  • second – St. Pete we hear competent guide.
  • third – You get the opportunity to take a walking tour through the city center for free.
  • And most importantly, to see the city from the water and its unique urbanit is ensembles, most of which are registered in the List of World Heritage Sites.

Boat trips on the Neva – this is a wonderful option for a walk around St. Petersburg, which allows you to interestingly and usefully spend one and a half – two o'clock, not only guests of St. Petersburg, but they are also a great vacation for the residents of Northern Venice themselves.

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