One of the most brilliant, enchanting, one of the most mysterious and truly St. Petersburg actions is the raising of bridges over the Neva at the time of navigation ...
duration: 1 time 10 min.
A type: entertainment, night
Route: p. Fontanka - r. Neva (to Bronze Horseman) - p. Fontanka
Romantic boat trip under drawbridges, who lift their wings in the season of navigation. Here, which leads to our city a lot of people.
duration: 1 time 40 min
A type: Sightseeing, Night
Route: Bronze Horseman (berth) – Hermitage – Bolsheokhtinsky bridge – U-turn between Bolsheokhtinsky bridge and Alexander Nevsky bridge
On board the ship you will be able to see all the details of this amazing show, when everything comes together: and water, and the city, and the sky.
duration: 2 o'clock 10 min
A type: entertainment, night
Route: Parade Neva - The Bronze Horseman - to the Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge (the ship makes a U-turn between the Bolsheokhtinsky bridge and the Alexander Nevsky bridge)
Accompanied by "the living" saxophone, from the boat you will be able to see all the details of an amazing night show, Petersburg night, White Nights, draw bridges.
duration: 1 time 50 min
A type: entertainment, night
Route: p. Fontanka - Kryukov channel - p. Moyka - Winter groove - r. Neva - p. Fontanka. Annunciation, Palace, Trinity, foundry bridges

Night sightseeing tours on the bridges

Peterburg has its unique face. It's hard to say it is the most beautiful in any season of the year. On this question, each answer himself. City happy to share with guests their history. Thanks to these trips we go on waterways look at neighborhoods, monuments, gardens. palaces, temples, bridges.

To all the. that is the term beauty and grandeur of St. Petersburg. The beauty of it was created in different time periods for more than three centuries and by different authors, that's great architects, whose names are known all over the world, stonecutters to obscurity, Founders, carpenters, artisans of all genres. Love of beauty has united them all, from the famous to the anonymous. The past here on the Neva embankment adjacent to this.

Information from the organizers of the night walks

nash city – This compound daylight and twilight vision, brightness and color tones of secrets, stardust in the masterpieces of architecture and the sun shines in the crown of the Russian Empire. Petersburg day, no matter what the mood was not the weather, – it always pushes the intellectual rhythm against the backdrop of waterways in the knowledge of urban history. Night or twilight – the meetings with the mystery of being, while private. It was then that the will of the bright colors and languid out a future meeting with the beautiful and amazing past ... All, that the city can give you, is, basically. excursions already invented by someone or improvised by you. Whether it is a museum, palaces, Exhibitions, concerts, theaters, walking – this meeting with St. Petersburg!

FROMamym unusual angle cognition Peter, of course, long been the day and night trips on the rivers and channels. “Night to open our arms ready, day, that passed did not leave a word…” All the most important words themselves, close, loved one can say the night on board the ship for a tour divorced span bridges, where we invite you to go. Not only communication and new emotions, meeting with the beautiful and good food in the restaurant of the ship waiting for you at night on a variety of water programs. Here you can meet your future, say about love parents and friends, dedicating children to the secrets of breeding the St. Petersburg bridges, to participate in the entertainment programs, diverse discotheques, a break from the hustle and gain strength among the night light, immersed in oblivion of the city on the Neva.

Night walks on the boat is the most popular form of entertainment in St. Petersburg

PWhy is exactly this kind of activities in St. Petersburg is so popular? After all, the tourist industry offers many walking and bus tours. Night walk under the bridge on the boat – it has long been known brand of the northern capital, created in Leningrad 20 century. It brings joy to any age – children, middle-aged and elderly, passionate young men and women.

so, we are with you! We will be your guide in the world of night water tours and walks! But, before, recover than in the vast sea of ​​the magnificent beauty of the night of St. Petersburg, just want to describe in detail the options for night walks on the river buses, as well as how to choose the night boat trip on the bridges, which will be interesting for you.

In the first stage you have to decide, in what place will return to the ship after a night walk. Reveal a little secret. The bridges in SPb occurs for the passage of heavy caravans vessels VBW sea-river displacement up 4 thousand tons, not for Pleasure boats. Walking and sightseeing boats are subject to strict rules of the road and they can not disrupt. So the first thing you should get a response from the shipping company:

  • how much the ship starts with a berth.

Secondly we need to get accurate information:

  • how much and on what the ship will return to the dock.

Next stage: necessary to define, how many divorcing bridges you want to see from the boat. Depending on your desire, it will be necessary to choose the class of ship.

How many drawbridges can be seen from the boat

EIf you want to see the maximum number of divorcing bridges from the boat, you definitely have to buy tickets for the double-decked ships of class “Neva” or class ships “Moscow”. Only to Class ships “Moscow” and “Neva” you can make a night journey to the bridge of Alexander Nevsky under the maximum number of divorcing bridges. We mean: Annunciation bridge, palace bridge, exchange bridge, Trinity bridge, foundry bridge, Bolsheokhtinsky bridge and the bridge of Alexander Nevsky. Motor ships of the class “Neva” and “Moscow” based on the Neva River, and they can not be on small rivers and canals to pass because of their technical characteristics. If you have chosen a trip on the boat with the maximum number of divorcing bridges, then all your piers located on the Neva, and landing ships do the same on the Neva. The usual duration of the night walks to class ships “Neva” and “Moscow” to 2.30 night (regardless of the start time. there are flights, which start 23.50, there 0.10, there is 0.30 and 1.10, return all to 2.30 night, and the bridges all ships you see the same, Flights different program on the boat)

EIf you want to see just the bridges from the ship, but limited in time and return to desirable small rivers and channels of St. Petersburg, then there is a second option. For this option is the best fit class ships “Fontanka” and “Washing “. Motor ships of the class ” Fontanka” and “Washing” single-deck motor vessels are closed and an open interior panoramic upper deck and are able to, due to their size, walking on small rivers and canals Peter, but do not have high-speed features like class ships “Neva” and “Moscow”. Therefore, from the board waterbus class “Fontanka” and “Washing” you can see only the breeding of the Annunciation bridge, palace bridge, Trinity Bridge and if you are very lucky even Foundry Bridge. Average return ships to the docks to 1.40-1.50 night. Also as in the first embodiment, the start of flights on a night walk under the bridges on ships can be different depending on the program, but returns all of the claimed berth to 2 o'clock in the morning.

AND the most important thing – remember: as- would you not assured when buying a ticket on the bridges, that the ship goes on a night walk under drawbridges, in St. Petersburg any pleasure, and excursion boats are not allowed to take place under the divorced spans. Boat and river buses are within a certain distance from a regulated divorcing bridge spans, and you see the moment of the divorce from the boat. Motor ships pass under nerazvodnymi spans. The crews of ships, who are trying to pass under the bridge spans divorced, often do not have the permission to operation of the ship or want to be left without diplomas and work permits.

We hope we've got to help you choose a night boat trip, starting from the information, in this article.

Dear friends! If you want to go on a night boat trip along the Neva River at the bridges, You can always choose and buy any liked night walk just a few minutes at any time and date on our website. All night boat trip, presented on our site, pass on the ships of the largest shipping company of St. Petersburg "Neva Travel Company". If you have any questions, suggestions, offers, we are always ready to answer any of your questions. We are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bon Voyage! Joy of new encounters and knowledge!

Tell me, that can be
Beautiful Nevsky Prospects,
When the lights of evening thread
Begins to steadily draw
In the mist of red twists?!
Tell me, that can be
Beautiful Nevsky Prospects?..

Tell me, that can be
May beautiful white night,
When will build My Past
Ages gray gray thread
And he wants to return the century?!
Tell me, that can be
May beautiful white night?..

Tell me, that can be
Beautiful ladies Petersburg,
When she wants to twist
Love exquisite thread,
Hand carelessly and narrow?!
Tell me, that can be
Beautiful ladies Petersburg?.

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