location: St. Petersburg, Petrovskaya embankment. d.2
mode: 11:00-00:30
location: St. Petersburg, Leather line d.40
mode: 10:00-21:00
location: Kronstadt, Citadel highway 14
mode: 10:00–20:00
location: St. Petersburg, Embankment. Fontanka River, 21
mode: 10:00–00:30
location: Kronstadt, Arsenal lane 4A
mode: 10:00-20:00
location: Embankment. river Moika d.59
mode: 10:00-01:10
location: St. Petersburg, The English Embankment. d.2
mode: 09:00–01:00
location: Universitetskaya embankment, 15
mode: 10:00-00:45
location: Peterhof, Lower park of the State Museum Reserve "Peterhof"
mode: 11:00-19:00
location: St. Petersburg, Embankment. Fontanka River, 64
mode: 11:00–00:30
location: St. Petersburg, Palace Embankment., 32
mode: 10:00-01:00
location: St. Petersburg, Gorky Park. Kirov (Yelagin island)
mode: 10:00–21:00
location: St. Petersburg, Palace Embankment. D.36
mode: 09:00–01:10
location: St. Petersburg, Embankment. Fontanka d.27
mode: 10:00–00:30
location: St. Petersburg, The English Embankment. e. 28
mode: 10:00–23:00

Company “Neva River” is an official partner of the largest shipping company in St. Petersburg - “Neva Travel Company”. On this page you can get information about all the berths of St. Petersburg, owned by the shipping company “Neva Travel”. From the berths listed below, daily departures during navigation ships and meteors on boat trips and excursions on the Neva, the Finnish Gulf, on the rivers, canals of St. Petersburg and Peterhof. at renting ships shipping company “Neva Travel Company” through the official website “Neva River” mooring to the berths listed below is carried out without additional payment for approaches (in St. Petersburg, not all boat owners have owned marinas). When purchasing tickets for regular boat trips and excursions, you can choose a berth, the most convenient for you.

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