This section is written to-date information about the safety of a finding on the boat for those who want to visit the day motor-ship excursions on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg (North Venice route, grand Petersburg), as well as night trips by boat (the boat) on the bridges (route Romantic Saxophone, Night Petersburg). motor ships (river buses) They are high-risk place, therefore it is necessary to perform certain rules while on board ship (read the rules here, see the instructions).

  • If you buy a ticket for the night tour, to see the divorce of bridges of St. Petersburg. It should be borne in mind is a caveat. Bridges are bred not shipping companies, a GBU SPb "Mostotrest". All relevant information about the bridges you can see on the official website of the St. Petersburg GBU "Mostotrest" at
  • If you have questions you can always get the information you need at the pier administrator or by telephone +7 (812) 660-55-78
  • In the event of force majeure on board situations during an excursion along the rivers and canals, you can ask for help to the captain of the ship through a sailor-mechanics. Guide during the tour is not able to be distracted from their duties (Guided Tours is not responsible for the safety of the ship).
  • Day trips on the rivers and canals and night walks along the rivers and channels on the bridges are on the boats class Fontanka. Ships have closed (heated cabin) and an open top deck. While on the upper deck of the ship while moving NEVER sit or stand back against the direction of travel. Wake up under bridges or bridges when approaching. Climbing from the passenger compartment when approaching bridges. Remember thoughtless actions can lead to serious injuries.
  • It is forbidden to climb, lie and move in any other way on the roof of the ship (waterbus).
  • Do not step out of their seats to complete the ship mooring
  • You are welcome, Do not leave children unattended. Responsibility for young children, being on the boat, are parents. Remember, that the body of water – dangerous area, emergency braking of the ship or unexpected difficult situations on water, the child may be injured, if it is out of sight and reach of adults, its accompanying.
  • When planning a trip on the water remember, that there is a lot of people, pay money and come to listen to the guide, instead of screaming children. Do not create a conflict. respect those, those around you.

Teplokhodnye day excursions on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg are different from night walks on STD ships.

  1. Daily flights – this excursion. Night flights – is walking on the bridges without tour support.
  2. On night flights has a musical accompaniment (route Romantic Saxophone).
  3. If you want to combine a tour and a music program, you can go to the route SEA FRONT.

On each boat there are plaids. During a boat trip on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg, while on the upper deck, you can take a plaid, lying in the cabin of the ship, and shelter from bad weather. But you should always keep in mind, that each ship has a limited number of blankets, an equal number of seats on the upper deck. Very often, passengers take a few blankets per person, while when it is in a heated cabin, to enter the upper deck. Forget to return after the flight and go with blankets, not used for a purpose umbrellas (have to be dried). During the day one can take advantage of a rug more than once. We recommend to remember: temperature on the water is always a few degrees below, than on the streets. If you do not intend to stay in the cabin of the ship and do not want to depend on the ability to use a rug, Dress ADEQUATE weather conditions!!!

note, the tickets are sold on the boat with no fixed. Number of tickets sold corresponds to the number of seats on the boat (salon + open deck).

The movement in the night from Romantic Saxophone completely coincides with the day excursion Venice of the North. The difference is that, that on a daily route being guided display objects, the night-no tours, while the bridges plays a saxophone.

The movement in the night from Petersburg Night coincides with the day tour teplokhodnye Grand Petersburg. The difference is that, that on a daily route being guided display objects, in the night – no tours, river tram takes a walk on the bridges.
The main day guided tour – this Venice of the North, when weather conditions change (raising the water level), at overlapping movement in channels, ships pass on the route Grand Petersburg. If you have purchased a ticket for teplohodnuyu tour of the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg (North Venice route), but was re-routing on a tour of Grand Petersburg because of the above, You can: Transfer the tour the next day or time (informing the administration), or go from Grand Petersburg.

When purchasing through the site is no need for printing out tickets (It can be present in an electronic form).

If by virtue of any circumstances you could not get on the flight specified on the ticket purchased on our website, call +7 (812) 327-14-15 and we will move the time and day of the flight.

If you have questions, you can always write to us or request a call back or call by phone. +7 (812) 660-55-78.

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