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  • duration: to 2 time.
  • schedule: schedule excursions can be seen at checkout
  • occupancy of the group: to 15 people.
  • Departure: nab.reki Fontanka d.27 (at house number)
  • cost of: 3000 rub

Description walking tour

LJuba town – it is always a combination of many data, successfully combines the terrain. Petersburg is a city, where a small area of ​​the historic center you can see a diverse and wonderful buildings of various architectural trends, are monuments of a period, complement which steel embankments, bridges, gardens and parks, and the variety of forms of arts and crafts in the form of sculptures, monuments, mosaic, columns, the gate, triumphal arches and obelisks. The monument is a building, designed to perpetuate the people, events, objects, sometimes, animals. Our city is rich in facilities and some of them we meet on our walking tour. They are of different sizes and from different materials, dedicated to the war and the people, ancient stories and the beauty of the human spirit and body. But all of St. Petersburg monuments combines their historical value , they are part of the cultural heritage, the country.

On our route are the famous horse sculptures Anichkov Bridge, fence Fontanka, busts of Italian architects in the park at the Manege Square, griffins and centaurs this quarter, military symbol of victory over Napoleon at the Mikhailovsky Manege building, equestrian statue of Peter the Mikhailovsky Castle, Paul's image of the First Emperor, Maltese scenes on the facade of the last living residence Russian Hamlet, watch soldiers on the post by the waters of Resurrection channel Engineers Castle.

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