Brief information on the tour

  • duration of the tour: to 2 o'clock 40 min
  • departure schedule: you can see here
  • berths departure: Senate marina (English nab.2 “Bronze Horseman”), Palace pier (Palace nab.36), Sevkabel port (Leather line, 40), Rumyantsev descent (Universitetskaya nab.15)
  • Route: Front Neva - Malaya Neva - Gulf of Finland - Bolshaya Neva
  • motor ships: Double-deck class “Moscow”, bottom closed, top open. Vessel capacity - up to 100 people
  • have: on the boat bar
  • Language: excursion (audioguide)
  • Aboard: available 2 the toilet, microphone
  • discount tickets: Participants in the fighting, WWII veterans, pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB, FSO, Ministry of Emergency Situations and Power structures, pupils, Russian university students (day department), retirees, disabled, large families, etc.. d.
  • Children's tickets: children before 12 years inclusive. Children under the age 3 years inclusive, free ticket without occupying a separate seat.

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  • A discount: when you buy with discounts up site 10%. Additional discount on the promotional code more in promotions and discounts. The discount is calculated on the cost of the ticket at the dock.
  • E-ticket: after buying a ticket, a message with your order number is sent to your phone and email. By this order number you will receive your boarding pass at the ticket office on the pier.
  • each gift: When buying a ticket a free walking tour of St. Petersburg (see more)

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? Discount ticket: 1500 rub (on the docks of 1500 rubles)
? children's tickets: 1100 rub (on the wharf 1100 rub)
? Children under 5 years:  is free
1700  to testify

on tour

Company & quot; Neva River" Excursion & quot; Marine Facade"ANDistory Neva land created from strands of diverse and sometimes difficult to comparable. elements of water, metal, stone and the human soul creates images of beauty Petersburg. Walking along the Neva, you will see the main and famous postcard images of the city: Peter and Paul fortress,Winter Palace, Admiralty, arrow VO. Passing through the main arms of the Neva Enjoy a different city: no lush and grandiose constructions. City- truzhennik.
City forever associated with marine unfading glory of Russian. You will see a host of industrial enterprises, yachts and ships, get off at the amazing expanse of the Gulf of Finland , looking at the city from the water, understand why St. Petersburg is considered to be an integral part of Russia's maritime history and one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Description of the route

  • Travel this unusual and in content and intention. The main purpose of his-to go around one of the largest islands of the Neva Delta, called Vasilyevsky.
  • This guided tour will last one and a half hours. We start in the center of the famous Bronze Horseman and St. Isaac's Cathedral on the Senate berth marina.
  • Comfortable boat will pass by the Admiralty Embankment, past the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island left turn around to enter the Malaya Neva, where we will see for show unofficial town with its old and new residential areas, images of Orthodox hramomv Prince Vladimir on the Petrograd side and Ekaterinenskaya on Vasilyevsky.
  • Consider the complex of buildings of the famous Tuchkov Buyan and Petrovsky Stadium, sulfur island.

  • And here in front of us has a wide entrance to the Baltic Sea spill. Gulf of Finland in the diversity and splendor will enable blur the line between imagination of the city and the sea. Away new marine harbor town, where arriving cruise ships and ferries from Europe and ZSD, which will accelerate the ability to move around the city and relieve the endless traffic jams on highways.
  • There, Output in the sea, talk about the maritime waterways, by which a city can come a lot of huge-tonnage ships.
  • The island Decembrists remember the story of the famous events istoricheskgo, We see the old Peter kronshpitsy Galerny bucket at the Naval Station.
  • A return of the Big Neva, which carries the waters of the Baltic plant and misodokov Petersburg port, along the quays, where you can visit if you want a museum exhibit linear icebreaker "Krasin" and a unique collection of the Mining Institute
  • We finished our meeting with the city, when we pass under the bridge of the Annunciation and the Promenade des Anglais we will again see the magnificent creation of Carlo Rossi Senate and Synod, where he began the path.


  • Senate Square. Saint Isaac's Cathedral.
  • Bronze Horseman.
  • Admiralty.
  • palace bridge.
  • Kunstkamera.
  • Building 12 boards.
  • Hermitage.
  • Winter Palace.
  • Troytsky bridge.
  • He Arrows VO.
  • Tuchkov bridge.
  • Tuchkov Buyan
  • Prince Vladimir Cathedral.
  • Petrovsky stadium.
  • Ekaterinensky Orthodox Cathedral.
  • PO Diamond.
  • Sulfur-on in.
  • Krestovsky-in.

  • Seaside Park Victory.
  • wild island.
  • Zenit-Arena stadium.
  • ZSD.
  • Piterlend.
  • The Gulf of Finland.
  • marine fasad.Gavan
  • Passenger Port.
  • galley bucket.
  • Kronshpits.
  • Marine Station.
  • Kronversky island.
  • Gutuevsky o-in.
  • Baltic avod.Matisov
  • o-in. Novo-Admiralty Shipyards.
  • Ledokol Krasin.
  • The mountain Institute.
  • Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.
  • Marine Corps of Peter the Great.
  • monument Kruzenshtern.
  • Rumyantsev Mansion.
  • sphinxes.
  • Menshikov Palace

route Map

1700  to testify

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