Brief information on the tour

  • duration: to 1 time
  • Departure: daily flights (flight schedule can be viewed when issuing a ticket)
  • berths departure: Senate marina (English nab.2 “Bronze Horseman”), Palace pier (Palace nab.36)
  • sailing line: Bronze Horseman – Hermitage – Smolny Cathedral – Bronze Horseman
  • motor ships: Double-deck class “Moscow”, bottom closed, top open (ship capacity - up to 150 people)
  • Language: tour in Russian (audioguide)
  • Aboard: available 2 the toilet, microphone

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on tour

INdivitelny city will appear to your eyes from the boat! Its palaces and churches, bridges and industrial plants.

On the wide Neva sleeve you will discover stunning, hovering in the sky Smolny Cathedral, merges with gray water! Peter-Pavel's Fortress, Admiralty, Kunstkamera, Summer garden, Palace embankment, quarters of new homes in the center and industrial complexes, and all this framed by granite shores and strict symmetry bridges!

Day excursion by boat (the boat) Neve by completely coincides with night walk on the boat by the bridges Music from the swing bridge and Bridges hanging over the Neva. The difference is that , that the boat (river boat) from 11.00 to 21.00 conducted tour, with display objects , on a night walk on the bridges of the ship no guided tours. On the boat trip going to the bridges Music from drawbridges plays DJ and bar. If you are interested in night walks on the boat click here.

Description of the route

  • The main area of ​​the city's main river will appear before our eyes. We begin the route at the Senate Square, the decoration of which were the Bronze Horseman and St. Isaac's Cathedral, symbols of St. Petersburg.
  • Further along the Admiralty Embankment, shaded by a ship famous – weathervane on the spire of the Admiralty Board, come to the Palace Bridge, opened in 1916 g. Right behind him a huge quarter occupy the body of the largest museum of the country – Hermitage. Another masterpiece of architecture at the Palace Embankment became the Marble Palace, that we will see after.
  • Trinity bridge, Next for the Palace, the easiest and most elegant Neva bridge. Rhythm division protetov it increases from the coast to the center. And it seems, that the bridge in a single burst is crossing from shore to shore and connects together the granite embankments and squares.
  • Summer Garden Grille, facing the Neva, great symbol of beauty, followed by the first regular Russian fleet hiding. Right behind bars Laundry humpbacked bridge, witness the reign of Catherine II, decorates the source of the river of Fontanka. And behind it is already profitable houses capitalist Petersburg and modern residential neighborhoods, created on the basis of classical traditions of past eras.

  • Further fragment Tavricheskogo Palace, the first capital of a water tower and the construction of "Vodokanal", which is responsible for water purity Neva. Smolny Cathedral and the complex of the Smolny Institute for Noble Maidens is adjacent to the "Vodokanal".
  • On board the ship we can admire the 93-meter dominant Smolny, where blue and white tones blend with the Petersburg sky, creating fabulous panoramic view on the wide Neva flood in Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge. Here, the ship turns around and starts to move in the opposite direction.
  • Going along the right bank of the Neva, we see an old cottage statesman of the era of Catherine the graph A. Kushelev-Bezborodko.
  • This was an architectural monument – a number of industrial enterprises of the city, recalls, that St. Petersburg – it is not only the cultural capital of the country but also one of the largest economic centers of Russia.
  • For sadly famous prison "Crosses" will see the monument of the Soviet period – Lenin Square at the Finland Station, in the center of which stands a monument to the leader of the proletarian revolution, facing the Neva.
  • Return to the Troitsky Bridge will give us a meeting with the majestic panorama of the AUC, grand ensemble IN, where the river is divided into 2 symmetrical sleeves.
  • In front of the Palace Bridge on the right tower of the Kunstkamera – the first public museum in Russia, University building, Menshikov Palace. After the ship returned to the starting point of the route.


  • Senate square
  • Saint Isaac's Cathedral.
  • Bronze Horseman.
  • Admiralty.
  • palace bridge.
  • Hermitage.
  • He Arrows VO.
  • Peter-Pavel's Fortress.
  • Trinity bridge.
  • Summer Garden Grille.
  • Cruiser Aurora.
  • house Kutuzov.
  • foundry bridge.
  • sphinxes
  • Tauride Palace.
  • tower water treatment plant.
  • Smolny Cathedral and Smolny Institute.
  • Bolsheokhtinsky bridge.
  • Cottage Kushelev-Bezborodko.
  • Lenina ensemble at the Finland Station.
  • Kresty prison.
  • military- Medical Academy.
  • Nakhimov Naval school.
  • Peter I's house.
  • Cathedral mosque.
  • Trinity chapel.
  • The Marble Palace.

route Map

Water excursion -Impersky Petersburg-_15-01-2017_19-44-11

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