Petersburg attractions – it's not just the palaces, museums, monuments of architecture, but also courtyards, factories and plants, ships and embankments of rivers and canals, island, streets and even the legend of St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg - all this too is part of the cultural heritage of the city.

About St. Petersburg attractions written many articles in different directions, books and more than one movie set. Created a lot of sites with top 10, top 30, top 50 and top 100 Petersburg attractions, which part information is repeated, but somewhere disclosed new and little-known facts about well-known multiple objects. If you are traveling to St. Petersburg for the purpose of cultural tourism and want to pre-plan your trip, we recommend that you do not dwell on any one article, and get acquainted with the different articles of St. Petersburg attractions. And even ,if on different sites repeated objects, may happen, that the information in the different articles will only complement each other. We hope our information of St. Petersburg attractions It will be helpful.

What are the attractions of St. Petersburg presented on our website? First of all, we try to describe St. Petersburg attractions, who meet us on the road during the tour of the inland waters of St. Petersburg on ships. we also believe, which is very important aspect of interaction with our readers – to add to our page of information not only about the well-known cultural heritage of our country, but also try to bring something new, may be, all known, but podzabыtoe.

From what attractions of St. Petersburg, we offer to begin acquaintance with the Northern Capital? As the saying goes: dance to start the stove.

If you stay in the center of St. Petersburg, and then begin to explore the city can be a history of the street and your home, in which the hotel is located. And we assure you, even if your hotel will not suddenly in a historic building, the street itself or the neighboring houses will be required to Petersburg attractions.

Bright sight of Peter, What is known to many, but for some reason, few people talk about it- is the number of names as the official, and informal, assigned to our city: St. Peterburh, St. Petersburg, Petersburg, Petrograd, Leningrad, SPb, Peter, Petropolis, North Venice, Northern Palmyra, Paradiz. The above names are widely used in everyday life, in literature, to the cinema, in politics and all are well aware of what the city is talking.

By the colorful sights of the Petrograd It can be attributed to annual holidays, conducted in, which are known in different parts of our homeland. These holidays include: graduates celebration "Scarlet Sails", Day of the Navy, day of the city, fountains holiday in Peterhof and many others

To St. Petersburg attractions It can be attributed to the phenomenon of communal apartments. Can confidently say, Peter holds the record in this area, not only in Europe, but may be in the world. Of course, we do not compete with slum somewhere in India or Brazil ,because they are different social phenomena. Communal Petersburg are located in the historic city, and the main body initially were excellent landscaped lordly mansions for the rich in profitable houses the wealthy, palaces and villas of aristocratic families.

The sights of St. Petersburg It can be attributed, and the gastronomic tourism, to be precise – the development of the phenomenon of street restaurant. In recent years such popular streets in St. Petersburg began: ul.Rubinshteyna, Belinski, Malaya Sadovaya.

We hope in our website you will find the sights of St. Petersburg, which will be of interest to you!!!

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