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Excursions from the company Neva River

Company “Neva River” It organizes various free walking tours in St. Petersburg. We look forward to seeing you at our hiking tours, which is accompanied by accredited guides. Our walking tours focus on any listener and viewer, on them you will be able to join the wealth of spiritual and material heritage of our city and region.

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  • Tours may be canceled due to weather conditions.
  • Contact phone 8-812-660-55-78

Our free walking tours in St. Petersburg

The history of the Neva land, its past, names of people, lived here at one time often depicted in the names of the city, names of streets and embankments, squares and alleys.

Our task in this pedestrian route to see the nature of the city through the eyes of today's inhabitants through images of monuments.

On our route are the famous horse sculptures Anichkov Bridge, fence Fontanka, busts of Italian architects in the park at the Manege Square, griffins and centaurs this quarter, military symbol of victory over Napoleon at the Mikhailovsky Manege building.

We offer all wishing to make a fascinating hour and a half tour of the historical ceremonial center of the city! See the architectural ensembles of St. Petersburg of the heart!

We invite all interested persons with a professional guide to go through the historical center of St. Petersburg Ceremonial and admire the panorama of the old quarters, created by the best classical models of the great European cities.

St. Petersburg – city ​​of rivers and canals, bred to 42 islands of the Neva delta. Thanks to this abundance of water flow, Petersburg is often called the Venice of the North. An integral part of the architectural image of the city on the Neva, its attractiveness and its unusual steel crossing, binders city of the island into a single communications network.

This tour will acquaint you with the names and the works of the most famous Italian architects, thanks to which the city on the Neva is now considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

In this walking tour we will make a fascinating excursion into the historical past of the major ensembles of squares and quays of St. Petersburg and get acquainted with the great architect Carlo Rossi.

Our tour is dedicated to the amazing variety of architectural forms, who used the famous architects of past eras in the construction of Orthodox churches enormous capital of the Russian Empire, to emphasize its greatness and grandeur of the Orthodox Faith, as a bastion of royal power.

Pedestrian journey of discovery with our company last 1,5- 2 o'clock, where at the same time overlooking the main street of the city beautiful in any weather and in any light, we will be able to plunge into the history of the construction of St. Petersburg, as a city of many faiths and creeds.

Free walking tours of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg – this city, created all of our multinational people, people of different faiths, interests and cultures, and everyone is entitled to a piece of “Venice of the North”. We hope guides us “Neva River” will be able to share with you a part of the soul and knowledge of our city. St. Petersburg is a recognized leader in cultural tourism of our country. In St. Petersburg, there is a huge number of businesses and companies, representing different kinds of excursions. Visitors and residents of the city can choose bus, teplokhodnye, hiking, on the roofs of city tours, helicopter rides and even a tour of the city of St. Petersburg on scooters. On our site representation of the different options and excursions form, but on this page we offer you free walking tours around St. Petersburg.

We want to immediately draw your attention to the fact , between the free walking tour and paid a walk through St. Petersburg there is only one difference – It `s that, that some paid tours, and other walks are free, everything else there is no difference. All our guides are accredited, drive all kinds of excursions either – the teplokhodnye, bus , walking, individual or group. Why do we focus our attention to the fact , guides that can lead not only to walking tours, but teplokhodnye and bus tours? answer: Accreditation passes guides for each area separately. For, to conduct bus tours have to be accredited in the direction of bus tours. Accordingly, for the guides, which lead boat trips have to be accredited in the direction of boat trips. For, to be accredited guide is necessary to fulfill a number of requirements. This higher education, Various guides courses, compulsory courses guides state museums. And only if all composes can take exams on akkredetatsiyu. Our team only accredited tour guides, with experience and annually increase the level of knowledge on the various thematic courses. therefore, regardless of whether it is a free walking tour or not, on the quality of a walk is not affected unnecessarily. all our – this, in love with our city and its work. In St. Petersburg, many state museums practicing free admission to museums on certain days, and even has a festival “night of museums”. GMZ “Peterhof”in low season (autumn winter ), let everyone in the Lower Park for free. our company “Neva River” We adopted this kind of offer praktiki.My recorded on our trips to all comers on a page “Free guided tours of St. Petersburg”. Free walking tours are scheduled from November to April( should be allocated). From May to October, tours are extra charge, but with the purchase of any teplohodnuyu or bus tour, you can sign up for any walking tour for free with the exception COPYRIGHT walking tour.
We will be glad , if you join us!!!

from the organizers.
Dear residents and guests of our city!!!
You can select different options for the type of travel ekskursiy.Kazhdy of St. Petersburg has its own characteristics , which can solve problems, inaccessible to some and be natural for drugih.Besplatnye walking tours allow to establish close contact between the guide and excursionists. View courtyards or closer to an object guide story,that is not available for other types of travel. Free on pedestrian walks you can approach , go to locked or touch a particular object. Only in walking tours of St. Petersburg you can feel the rhythm of life of our city. One of the positive aspects of free walking tours of St. Petersburg is , In contrast to other types of trips, in a walk through St. Petersburg to small groups are formed 15 chel.Samy big plus free walking tour is,that regardless of the number of those wishing to visit the selected walking tour whether it 1 or 15 people will take it vseravno. Bus or motor-ship excursions such can not afford. But as they say ” Each barrel of honey , there is always a fly in the ointment”, and the pedestrian walks on Peter present the spoon. And this spoon-weather conditions and the physical condition of the tourists. Sometimes walking have to cancel because of the necessary pre-nepogody.Nashi administrators reported the cancellation or postponement of time walking tour in the mail and telefonu.My not recommend walking tours for children under 8-9 years children unnecessarily difficult to be concentrated within 1.5-2 hours. For children up to optimally conduct tours 1 o'clock. We hold children separately organized walking tours specially adapted to the age and the psycho-physical characteristics of young students. Our company in addition to free hiking organize and authoring thematic walking tours, you can choose from our website!!!

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