Information about trips to Peterhof

  • duration of the tour: from 6 hours.
  • Place of departure and the meeting: Senate marina (The English Embankment. 2)
  • schedule: on Saturdays
  • motor ship: motor ship meteor (hydrofoil).

buy a ticket

? Discount ticket: 3790 rub (on the docks of 3900 rubles)
? children's tickets: 3790 rub (on the docks of 3900 rubles)
? Children up to 3 years:  is free
5600  to testify

Our advantages

  • A discount: when you buy with discounts up site 30%. Additional discount on the promotional code more in promotions and discounts. The discount is calculated on the cost of the ticket at the dock.
  • E-ticket: No need to print out a ticket after the purchase of your phone and email message arrives from your e-ticket.
  • each gift: When buying a ticket a free walking tour of St. Petersburg (see more)

Description of the route

Peterhof – fountains kingdom, and the most convenient way to get to Peterhof – it meteors.

Meteors to Peterhof – this is the fastest form of transport, that will take you and your loved ones for 35 min Lower Park straight from the heart of the Hermitage.
The cost of the tour includes:

  • transfer to the meteor to Peterhof and back,
  • Admission to the museum,
  • excursion to the Grand Palace,
  • excursion to one of the small museums,
  • tour of the Lower Park Peterhof State Museum.

note, that the program is held once a week on Saturdays.

Depending on the load order of the Grand Palace tour program may vary.

Route movements meteors to Petrgofa

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