Brief information on the tour

  • duration: to 1 time 20 min
  • Departure: daily
  • berths departure: Senate marina (English nab.2 Bronze Horseman), English pier (English Embankment 28 Wedding Palace), Sevkabel Port, Zimnyaya ditch (Palace Embankment 32)
  • Route: Bolshaya Neva to Troitsky Bridge - Sevkabel Port - Gulf of Finland - Bolshaya Neva
  • motor ships: two-deck class Moscow lower deck closed, top open (lower - 70 places, upper - 70 places)
  • Language: tour in Russian, accredited guide
  • Aboard: available 2 the toilet, microphone

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Evaluation tours

on tour

Excursion "CRUISE CITY-PORT" by motor ship in St. Petersburg, today is a unique offer from the largest shipping company of St. Petersburg "NEVA TRAVEL COMPANY". Few companies are allowed to show our city from such an unusual angle. But the ships of the shipping company are open to traffic through the waters of the ST. PETERSBURG PORT, with a passage through the "working quarters" of the ADMIRALTY SHIPYY and the BALTIC PLANT with a further exit to the Gulf of Finland. This excursion across St. Petersburg is comparable in emotions to something from childhood.. Remember, what the streets of your city look like, when they are closed in honor of the holiday, and you walk down the center of the carriageway. Everything seems to be as usual, but at the same time everything is different. The motor ship will proceed along the islands, where the Admiralty shipyards are located, Baltic shipyard and port, feels like crawling through the attics and basements of your hometown. We can say one thing: the excursion on the motor ship "City-Port" will be interesting for both guests of St. Petersburg and doubly interesting for residents of St. Petersburg.

Description of the route

Briefly and succinctly describe a day trip on a motor ship along the Paradnaya Neva with an excursion in the waters of the Port and a musical break on a boat in the Gulf of Finland, then it will be so: Hot and cold at the same time, sweet and sour in one moment, delight and slight disappointment and all this in one boat trip on a motor ship. One side, this is the front Neva with a set of well-known attractions, on the other hand, the working areas of the Admiralty shipyards, submarines, icebreakers, mountains of scrap metal, Western High Speed ​​Diameter and Lakhta Center.

NOTE: Day trip on the motor ship "Cruise City-Port" is the best in all respects. Excursion, which will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.

  • Who will be interested in the boat trip: children. Adults, who remained children in their hearts and remember how great it is to crawl through attics and basements. The one who went through adventures on construction sites and destroyed houses. For residents of the center of St. Petersburg, who will see the city from an unusual side. And just born in Leningrad-St. Petersburg.
  • Who will not be interested in the boat excursion: Adults, who forgot childhood. Adults, who were born far from big cities, but by fate they were thrown into these very cities and thinking, that they are residents of the capital and they should be surrounded only by palaces.


  • Admiralty,
  • Bronze Horseman,
  • Kunstkamera,
  • Spit of Vasilyevsky Island,
  • palace bridge,
  • Hermitage,
  • Peter-Pavel's Fortress,
  • Trinity bridge,
  • ZSD
  • Lakhta Center

route Map

1400  to testify

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