Brief information on the tour

  • duration: 1 time 50 min
  • schedule: departure daily at 23.50
  • p. Fontanka - Kryukov channel - p. Moyka - Winter groove - r. Neva - p. Fontanka.
    Annunciation, Palace, Trinity, foundry bridges
  • Departure: Embankment. Fontanka d.27 (Anichkov bridge pier)
  • motor ship: ship class Fontanka. Single-deck ship with panoramic windows. Ships have a closed bottom and an open top cabin deck
  • Live music: saxophonist playing on the boat
  • Aboard: a toilet, microphone

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? Discount ticket: 1390 rub (on the wharf 1400 rub)
? children's tickets: 990 rub (on the docks of 1000 rubles)
? Children under 5 years:  is free
1800  to testify

on tour

ABOUTne of the most brilliant and mysterious faery Petersburg true action is the bridges over the Neva River in the navigation time. On board the ship you will be able to see all the details of this amazing show, when everything merges: and water, and the city, and the sky.

Night walk on the boat for the bridges is identical with day trips on the rivers and channels on the route Venice of the North. The difference is that, that on the boat walking on the night Petersburg plays the saxophone, but no tours. If you're interested in sightseeing by boat on the rivers , channels and the Gulf of Finland click here.

Description of the route

  • The motor ship travels from the pier on the Fontanka River near the house 27.
  • This is followed by Fontanke channel and Kryukov, past the famous St. Nicholas Cathedral and the Mariinsky Theater to the Moika River near New Holland Island.
  • Walking along the Moika, We are seeing romantic kiss Bridge, infamous Princes Yusupov Palace, where he graduated from earthly days Grigory Rasputin.
  • St. Isaac's Cathedral as a fairy-tale giant in the gold helmet, colored bridges and Stroganov Palace, Memorial Museum of Alexander Pushkin on the Moika 12 and Winter Canal will lead us into the Neva.
  • The image of the capital of the Russian Empire, we see from the boat. And complete the route through 1 no 45 min again near the Anichkov Bridge on the Fontanka.


  • Palace Beloselsky-Belozersky.
  • sculpture “horse tamers”
  • Charles house
  • Anichkov Palace
  • barracks of the Life Guards regiment of the Moscow Imperial.
  • Regular construction of St. Petersburg 18 century.
  • Tolstoy house
  • Izmailovo (Trinity) Cathedral.
  • Manor Derzhavina.
  • Lomonosov bridge (Chernyshev)
  • BDT
  • Petersburg Dostoevsky.
  • Kryukov canal
  • Staro-Nikolsky market.
  • Mariinskii Opera House.
  • Nicholas-Epiphany Naval Cathedral.
  • New Holland Island.

  • kissing bridge.
  • Yusupov Palace.
  • Saint Isaac's Cathedral
  • Tsvetnve bridges
  • Trading house
  • colored bridges.
  • By the palace. Razumovsky
  • Stroganov Palace.
  • Wolf and Beranger Confectionery.
  • The building of the General Staff.
  • Pevcheskiy bridge
  • Zimnyaya ditch.
  • Hermitage gallery.
  • Peter-Pavel's Fortress
  • He Arrows VO
  • The Marble Palace.
  • Trinity and the Palace Bridge.
  • Tatarsaya Cathedral Mosque.
  • Aurora.
  • Reshotka Summer Garden.
  • Chizhik-Pyzhik.
  • Mikhailovsky castle.
  • circus Chinizelli
  • Sheremetev Palace

route Map

1800  to testify

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