Information about Peterhof message - St. Petersburg

  • The duration of the way to St. Petersburg: 35 min
  • Arriving at the docks: Senate marina (The English Embankment. 2) and Palace pier (Palace Embankment. 36)
  • schedule: every 30 min (Select the time you can when buying a ticket)
  • motor ship: motor ship meteor (hydrofoil).

Description and features of the route to St. Petersburg

ATfrom you, and in the realm of the fountains – Peterhof! We visited the Grand Palace, We strolled along the shady alleys of the Lower Park of Peterhof, We enjoyed the glow jet fountains of the Grand Cascade and heard the music of water, and that's your family hint at the reinforcement of physical strength, as the spiritual food you are satisfied, and return to the city by road have no strength.

You ought to get out of the Lower Park, pass the Upper Park, wait for a minibus or bus, go 40-60 min to the subway. Next, find the subway, where there is little air and a lot of people, and then finally you through 1.30- 2.00 downtown, joyful and happy going to lunch. May be, everything is just like that, but more often after intense walks want to plunge into the cool water, and as quickly as possible to eat tasty and inexpensive. What to do?

The answer suggests itself. And this answer – Meteors of Peterhof in St. Petersburg.

Meteors from Peterhof – this is the fastest form of transport, that will take you and your loved ones for 35 minutes from the Lower Park right in the heart of the Hermitage, Nevsky Prospect and the various places of power.

A trip to the meteor from the park of Peterhof to St. Petersburg takes only 35 min, and during this time you will also have time to relax in the comfort of meteor, moving smooth surface of the Gulf of Finland at a rate to 60 km / h. And all of the above will result in, what, arrived on a meteorite from Peterhof in St. Petersburg Center you will force a choice of places to eat, and will force the continuation of exploring the center of St. Petersburg.

Ride on a meteorite from Peterhof – a continuation of the celebration, that you have organized for themselves and their loved ones, deciding to visit Peterhof and return to the city the fastest and most, may be, the most comfortable way.

Buy ticket for the meteor of Peterhof you can on our web site in advance, without standing in queues at the box office berth.

We recommend buying a ticket to a meteor from the Lower Park to St. Petersburg at the rate of approximately the: 2 hours to get acquainted with the Lower Park, and then most people comes fatigue. This we tell you information, obtained using long-term observations.

Many people buy tickets for meteors Peterhof – Petersburg with the expectation, they will stay in the park more 3 hours and have time to see the maximum. We assure you: fatigue comes earlier!!! After escaping from the urban bustle of the fresh sea air, People very quickly satiated information, ozone fills the lungs and the surrounding beauty of the eyes. we recommend, distribute forces and lay on the Lower Park of Peterhof no more 2 hours. But the decision is yours, We only recommend!!!

buy a ticket

? Discount ticket: 800 rub (800 rubles berth)
? children's tickets: 550 rub (550 rubles berth)
? Children up to 3 years:  is free
1000  to testify

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