Brief information on the tour

  • duration of the tour: 1 time 40 min
  • departure schedule: every 45 min ( from 11 to 20 hours).
  • berths departure: Senate marina (English nab.2 Bronze Horseman), Palace pier (Palace nab.36)
  • stops: The motor ship does 2 stops: Hermitage, Bronze Horseman.
    Route: Front Neva - Malaya Neva - Gulf of Finland - Malaya Neva - Front Neva
  • motor ships: Double-deck Class Neva (Neva 1, Neva 3, Neva 5) lower deck closed, top open (Lower-70 places, top-70 places)
  • Language: Excursion in Russian, accredited guide
  • Aboard: there is 2 the toilet, microphone.

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on tour

We invite you to make one of the most fascinating unforgettable excursions to the beautiful waterways of St. Petersburg.

This boat trip along the Neva River with access to the Gulf of Finland will give you the opportunity to see the multi-angle Petersburg from the boat.

This boat trip along the Neva and the Gulf of Finland you open the front pan, well-known neighborhoods with stately palaces and famous monuments, and modern city districts, and the city industrial enterprises, wherein the active potential is forged metropolis 21 century, and expanses of the Baltic!

It was during this tour along the Neva and the Gulf of Finland, will ship in Neva Bay and the heart of any beholder flinch from the beauty of natural water landscapes.

During the tour you will admire teplokhodnye parade ensembles of the historical center. In the splendor of a grand plan to see architects 18-19 century - the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island in the frame of the Rostral Columns, where almost 150 years functioned main sea trading port of the capital, and next to the former port vzmetnetsya in St. Pete eternal sky slim spire of the bell tower of Peter and Paul Cathedral, on the cutting edge which flies angel, protecting the city from enemies and evil spirits. Diversity of domes and spiers, tall dominants in the historic center of St. Petersburg – just takes your fancy and recalled, that the Venice of the North was established as the capital of an Orthodox state. On our way to and St. Isaac's Cathedral, and Catherine Orthodox church of Vasilyevsky Island, and Prince Vladimir Cathedral in the area "Mokrush", and the already mentioned principal once the temple, consecrated in honor of the Apostles Peter and Paul. And all these monuments appear to you on the background of the famous granite embankments and beautiful buildings.

Information on all special offers, you can read in the section “Discounts”

Description of the route

  • Excursion along the Neva River with access to the Gulf of Finland begins at the Bronze Horseman, a symbol of beauty and firmness of Petersburg.
  • The motor ship will pass through the waters of the central ceremonial quarters to Foundry Bridge, make a smooth turn and go down in the water of the Little Neva in front of the Stock Exchange.
  • Further, according to the waters of this large sleeves main artery of the city, bypassing the yacht club, Petrovsky stadium, Built Tuchkov Buyan, under the line of the new road of the Western High-Speed ​​Diameter – unique automotive isolation 21 century will come in the Gulf of Finland, Where, looking at the broad expanse of a natural body of water, aware of the great idea of ​​the founder of St. Petersburg – Peter the Great, who is here "hacked a window to Europe".
  • Out on the open spaces of the Gulf of Finland will be able to see they put the silhouette of the island of Kotlin, where Kronstadt, Naval Cathedral, and the famous modern complex of hydraulic structures, not giving rising waters interfere with the normal life of St. Petersburg, the common people called "Dam".
  • Then our boat will unfold, and we see the modern harbor, created recently to receive large cruise ocean liners, carrying an endless line of tourists in St. Petersburg, there alluvial modern residential neighborhoods, so called sea facade, significantly enriching today's Peter Pan.
  • The journey will last about 2 hours and we will return again to the historic center and will carry forever in my heart the beauty and rigor, greatness and simplicity of St. Petersburg!


  • Senate Square.
  • Saint Isaac's Cathedral.
  • Bronze Horseman.
  • Admiralty.
  • palace bridge.
  • Hermitage.
  • He Arrows VO.
  • Peter-Pavel's Fortress.
  • Trinity bridge.
  • Summer Garden Grille.
  • laundry bridge.
  • foundry bridge.
  • Cruiser Aurora.
  • Sampson bridge.
  • Nakhimov Naval school.
  • Nobel monument.
  • Pirogovskaya nab.
  • r.Karpovka.

  • Barracks of the Grenadier Regiment.
  • Botanical Garden.
  • Telebashnya.
  • Kantemirovsky Bridge.
  • Black River.
  • Kamennoostrovsky Palace.
  • Ushakovsky bridge.
  • Church of St John the Baptist.
  • High school sports.
  • Yelagin Palace.
  • Gorky Park. r.Krestovka.
  • Kamennoostrovsky theater.
  • Imperial Yacht Club.
  • Arrow Yelagin Islands. ZSD.
  • Piterlend.
  • park 300 St. Petersburg anniversary.
  • The Gulf of Finland.
  • Passenger Port of St. Petersburg.
  • Kronstadt.
  • dam.
  • Zenit-Arena stadium.
  • Carrillo.
  • Sulfur island.
  • AS PER. diamond.
  • Petrovsky stadium.
  • prince- St. Vladimir's Cathedral.
  • Tuchkov bridge.
  • Tuchkov Buyan.
  • Neb. Makarova.
  • Ekaterinenskaya church.
  • exchange bridge.
  • Kunstkamera.
  • Building 12 boards.
  • Menshikov Palace.
  • sphinxes.
  • Annunciation bridge.

route Map

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Information on all special offers, you can read in the section “Discounts”

Why tour called "The forgotten Island"

Excursion along the Neva River with access to the Gulf of Finland "Forgotten Island".

Dear friends!!! You, probably, We drew attention to the headline water excursion along the Neva River with access to the Gulf of Finland "Forgotten Island", which immediately draws in the imagination of the island and adventure, associated with stories about pirates somewhere in the warm seas. indigenous St. Petersburg, reading route Neve walking on a yield of the Gulf of Finland, with a smile and understanding realize, that the name teplokhodnye trips with access to the Gulf of Finland "Forgotten Island" There is nothing mysterious. But this is only one side, on the other hand point out once again, that our whole city is a set of different islands, on which we walk every day and in which we live, not paying any attention to it. We have decided to lift the curtain of mystery and a little bit about the creation of the name water tours of the Gulf of Finland "Forgotten Island".

Route Neve yield in Gulf "Forgotten Island" It was created as teplokhodnye day excursion along the Neva and the Gulf of Finland in the distant Soviet times. in times, when all boat trips (including such as: excursions on the Neva and the Gulf of Finland) developed and were carried out strictly according to the methodological development and in coordination with relevant organizations, responsible for the accuracy and correctness of information transfer guests and residents of our city, who came to hear boat trip along the Neva and the Gulf of Finland.

Under teplohodnuyu excursion along the Neva River with access to the Gulf of Finland through the islands They set up special, suitable for usage on the water from the Neva and the Gulf of Finland through the islands, class ships "Neva". And from year to year route along the Neva and the Gulf of Finland navigation season delight guests and Leningrad. Unfortunately, in the 90s did not escape the difficulty and scope water excursions in St. Petersburg.

Excursions on the Neva and the Gulf of Finland through the islands as regular teplokhodnye excursions in St. Petersburg We went out with the water services market. Guides, which in the past with joy and pleasure in the telling walks along the Neva and the Gulf of Finland the islands of St. Petersburg, They hid their development into the far corner. But the test of time guided tour of the Neva and the Gulf of Finland found its way into the new time and triumphantly took the place of honor in the pantheon of various river tours of St. Petersburg. But immediately the question arose: whether there are any developments, and how fast you can run the water guided tour?

Second question: how to name a tour of the Neva and the Gulf of Finland?

And it turned out, the young tour guides never studied this trend, and experienced guides, which led direction water excursions of the Gulf of Finland and Neve, We have been looking for and restored bit by bit the route. But combining experience and youth into a unified whole, team guides the shipping company "Neva Travel Company" recreated a wonderful tour Neve yield of the Gulf of Finland.

Tour of the Neva and the Gulf of Finland "Forgotten Island", as the name, come to life on the guides, that the re-creation of the water excursions very often between themselves jokingly used the expression: when we start to drive all the forgotten island?

The boat trip along the Neva and the Gulf of Finland "Forgotten Island"- over the past few years it has become the jewel in the crown of excursions St. Petersburg.

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