• Flight duration: 50 i am 1 time 10 min
  • Departure from the berths: Senate marina, Palace pier, Rumyantsev descent, Zimnyaya ditch, Sevkabel port
  • schedule: every 20 min (you can choose the time when buying a ticket)
  • Route: along the waters of the Neva River along the warships
  • motor ship: double-deckers of the Moscow class, Neva
  • Language trips: Russian, accredited guide
  • Additionally: open and closed deck, a toilet

Description of the route

Navy Day in Russia is one of the most beloved holidays, which is traditionally celebrated large-scale concerts and parades in all the coastal cities of the country. Imbued with the spirit of romance and freedom, full of vivid impressions and colorful show, this day eagerly awaiting the guests of the city and St. Petersburg.

The transfer of the capital to Petersburg made the city and maritime center of the country, which houses the largest Russian Admiralty shipbuilding.

All those lucky, who purchase tickets for this unique show in advance, and from the board of a comfortable ship he will see everything with his own eyes - after all, these grandiose events leave no one indifferent. AND, of course, should advance to find a place with a good view, in order to fully enjoy the spectacle.

We offer you to become participants in this unique holiday! By purchasing tickets on our site now!, you will not be standing on the waterfront in the hustle and bustle, but dignified and noble from the ship you will see a slender parade of ships, and the city, wearing bright symbols of our Navy, and most importantly - you will feel like a part of our vast friendly peaceful family of Russians!

What will you see

Our advantages

  • E-ticket: after the purchase to you by e-mail, SMS or Whatsapp receives information on your order. An e-ticket is NOT a boarding pass, by ticket number (order) You MUST print your boarding passes at the ticket office or terminal at the pier.

route Map

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Adult ticket
? Discount ticket: 1200 
? Dety to 12 years: 900 
? Children under 5 years:  is free
Adult ticket
Discount ticket: 1200 
children's tickets: 900 

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