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Brief information on the tour

  • duration: 1 time 30 min.
  • schedule: 26 July 21 time 30 minutes
  • subjects: View fireworks in celebration of the day of the Navy.
  • Departure: berth:
    "Senate marina" – The English Embankment. 2
    "Palace Quay" – Palace Embankment. 36
    «Anichkov bridge» – Fontanka Embankment, 29/66
  • Route: The Neva River
  • motor ship: Single-deck, Kind Moscow, type Neva
  • Aboard: there is a toilet, microphone.

buy a ticket

? Discount ticket: 2000 rub (on the berth 2000 rubles)
? children's tickets: 1100 rub (on the wharf 1100 rub)
? Children up to 3 years:  is free
2300  to testify

on tour

DOrogen guests and the citizens of St. Petersburg! Finally came the grand event of the summer, in which each of us feels like a participant in great events! We invite you aboard a comfortable boat to see a grand fireworks in Day of the Navy!

Involvement of each of us to this great feast is obvious! Either way, our life is connected with water. She is the source of our life and an integral part of our body! And the Russian soul! And that military shipbuilding and sailors, and men of honor under the flag of St. Andrew-it-all-we Russians!

We invite you to our boats, where the proximity of water and thunder festive ceremonial volley of guns, join us in one family! We are together, standing on deck, at 22:00 Moscow time will see the most important summer fireworks at dusk leaving the white nights, We feel the kinship of souls and sonorous shout "hurray" Russian navy and our heroic sailors! Victory over all the evil of the world is our Russian unity! And as in the time of Peter any victory and a reason to speak loudly about our heroism were marked with fireworks in the Neva River, and 300 years later – VIVA Navy!

We are waiting for you! After all teplokhodnye trip salute will provide an opportunity to experience the full depth of this long-standing tradition and pride in Russia!

Navy holiday timing

  • Opening the big day will be held in 9.30 on board the cruiser Aurora, which is now in their cabins placed the exposition of the Central Naval Museum;
  • AT 10 morning on the waters of the Neva, near Annunciation bridge held a parade of ships and will be spoken greetings from officers;
  • Echoing the celebration of the festival on the Admiralty embankment near Bronze Horseman;
  • FROM 14 to 20.00 ships, participated in the parade of the Russian Navy Day can be visited on the Promenade des Anglais.
  • You will be able to study in detail the internal structure of military courts, Life sailors and management features;
  • AT 22 hours at the fortress will hear fireworks.

2300  to testify

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