A summary of the presentation

  • duration: 2 time 30 min
  • schedule: departure 24 June 2022 at 22:50
  • Firework: watching fireworks from the ship at the festival “Scarlet Sails”
    Start the fireworks: 00:40
  • Departure: berth “Okhtinskaya”
  • Route: the Neva River
  • motor ship: Kind Moscow
  • have: bar on board
  • Aboard: a toilet

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On a night walk in the holiday "scarlet Sails"

Dorogen friends! Citizens and guests of the city! In love with life and beauty! Food lovers of pleasure and joy!

Buy ticket for the alumni celebration 2022 "Scarlet Sails", you can on our website. There is nothing easier, than take a leap in time and see the Leningrad Alexander Grin, together with the frigate, dressed in scarlet sails of hope! Travel through time and space with the firm NEVA RIVER possible. Truly St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg-Leningrad festival Scarlet Sails in the 2022 year with us on board! Where better to watch this grand, no matter what do not like the music and light show? Of course, with water. Of course, on the boat your trip will be unforgettable! On the ship to buy a ticket right now in St. Petersburg, you can smooth a few hand movements. For, to become a spectator of the holiday "Scarlet Sails", it is necessary to repeatedly press the tablet buttons, computer or phone. And now the great miracle of human genius in the form of a holiday on the Neva with scarlet sails comes into your life with the ticket, purchased on our website. St. Petersburg and the "Scarlet Sails" – pearl white nights of summer, that in late June, feast for the eyes of thousands of visitors. A ticket to the festival in St. Petersburg – It `s that, we help to buy all the romance and aesthetes! Hurry! Seats on ships, boats, ships, courts is very limited in this divine night!

TICKET on the boat in the festival "Scarlet Sails" – SKIP THIS HISTORY!

Salute to alumni celebration “Scarlet Sails”

Light and fireworks show in the Neva River will start in 00:40. At the same time in the performance of the symphony orchestra will be heard over the Neva tunes from about future movies and brand new music, written specifically for the holiday. The culmination of the most romantic night of the year will be the appearance of the brigantine under crimson sails. Traditionally, in the role of a ship novel by Alexander Grin speak Swedish sailboat «Tre Kronor».

Description of the route

  • This year's show will take place on the night of 24 on 25 June . Salute to begin in 00-40.
  • Departure of the ship from Quay “Guest. Okhtinskaya” 24 June 22:50
  • On board the ship you will see music and light show, breeding and Bolsheohtenskogo Litene bridge, Swedish sailboat «Tre Kronor» with scarlet sails.

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Map of the route of the ship at the festival "scarlet Sails"

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